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Looks like I'm about to get some dank!

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by goro the puffer, Aug 14, 2007.

  1. Finally, I might say..
    This summer has been boring, with nothing but mids coming through.. especially recently where the mids are dirty as hell and only get you buzzing for an hour or so. I just heard one of the dudes is reeupping on dank from another one of my dudes so I gave him a call and yeah hes apparently getting a qp of some chron ass shit for 300 a zone so he can do me a half for like 160. I called this kid that doesnt really know much about weed and told him i can get him and his friend a quarter of good shit for 100. I'm throwing down 100 and pretty much getting 20 g's for 200, or so. I'm sure I can talk the dude to that. I'll have 13 g's of pure dankness for 100 bucks.. :) I'm sure they'll smoke me out on the dank and they don't know how to pack so I'll make sure I'll pack it up nicely when they ask me to.

    Even though I quit dealing, I can still get ridicolous advantages. My friends are paying 50 for some primo shit, which would be 65 an eigth around here. I'm getting pretty much a half for 100. Everyone is happy :hello::wave:

    Finally.. DANK!
    Blaze! (Method Man voice)
  2. Yes. Sexy hook-ups are always the shit. Be sure to post that pick-up and follow back on the smokage. :smoke:
  3. ^^What this guy said^^

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