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Discussion in 'Vaporizers' started by RickyC4, Jan 6, 2013.

  1. I'm looking to pickup a vape for around $150. I was wondering which vape would be the best for me to buy. I am pretty sure I want to get a smaller portable vape. Just looking for a little advice.
  2. Search 2 things on here, it'll keep you busy the rest of the night

    Search in titles only

    1. portable

    2. solo

    If you're too lazy to search, puffitup.com, buy an Arizer Solo for $160 shipped, call it a night

    not gonna get better than that for the price, next best portable is $250

    also, youtube video's for Arizer Solo
  3. Is the solo fragile? Because they are offering the solo case for an extra $30
  4. The vapir air one 5.0 (might have mixed the name up, just got done hitting a bag lmao) is really good. Its$150 but you can get shop owners to lower sometimes (my headshop received a huge shipment of capes that day and agreed to give it to me for $110). Lots of people say its shit and is too loud, but its really not that bad. There are a few leaks but its not that bad,. What it has in flaws it makes up with effiency. This is probably the cheapest vape on the market that can do whip and balloon bags. It heats up relatively fast and vapes weed pretty decently. It has three fan speeds and high is the only one I personally think is loud. It is also pretty damn durable. It survived numerous drops to the ground before getting into a little rough shape. Overall, its a damn good buy.

  5. The stem is all glass... but i have heard stories about people dropping it and it being fine.. Which from owning one it feels like that would be the case.
  6. Would you spend the extra $30 for the vaporizer case?
  7. PAX is all i can say, have never looked back
  8. No but I'm also 18 with low income so I spend my money wisely.
  9. I feel ya. I'm 19 & in college so I'm doing the same
  10. Yea college times are tough haha! But man I guarantee you will be happy if you buy the Solo. The pax is great. It's a perfect stealth vape however it has its issues. The solo is simple and easy to clean.
  11. Dropped my solo stem 6 times already at least.... Its a beast. U get two with it anyway. I had the mflb now i got the solo. I don't think you can beat it for Its price and being a solid vape...in my opinion :)
  12. Yea I'm gonna order the solo. When you use the solo does the vapor still have a strong weed smell or does it have the burnt popcorn smell like a lot of vapes do?
  13. Look up some reviews on google. Ppl love it [the taste].
  14. More burnt popcorn. I vape a lot in my room in my basement. If you really are worried about the smell wait till everyone is sleeping or just spray something. If your dorming you are fine they won't smell it next door.
  15. Yea I'm not too worried about the smell cause I've smoked blunts in my apartment at school & I live right next to my RA
  16. I love my solo. you won't be dissapointed.

    Get it for 160$ on puffitup.com, or look on amazon and see if you can get it for less. (I did the latter).

    Don't worry about getting the case. The solo itself isn't too fragile. Be careful with the stems, as they are made of glass, but that shouldn't be hard to do. Just put them in your pocket, and don't drop them. If you're really a total butterfingers, you can buy wooden solo stems too, at pretty reasonable prices.
  17. I love my solo too. I also got it from puffitup, didn't get the case but it seems like a decent deal. The things so sturdy though there's no worry throwing it in a bag or something. Glass is glass, but my pvhes gong stems seem sturdy as hell, and I keep them in a little snug cigar lighter case. That + my travel vial of dank and I'm good to go for hours!

    I highly recommend planet vapes high efficiency stems, but unfortunately the opposite can be said about eds high efficiency stems.

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