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Discussion in 'Security' started by XsmokinbuddyX, Jul 11, 2018.

  1. Aside from going off the grid anyone got any suggestions as to hide Power? I'm new to growing but was handed enough equipment to run a warehouse. I'm starting off small but I still get a little nervous in regards to power. I've considered trying to make a closed circuit with a few rv batteries and a converter, charging it all with a trickle charger but I don't think it'll hold charge long enough to complete a 16 hour light shift. They person I inherited all this equipment suggests I find a jaccuzi and run it durring the time that I turn my lights off and just say I run it 24/7... but I'm not sure how much sense that makes lol. Any help or ideas are appreciated.
  2. are you concerned about FLIR? you could always go 240
  3. I guess my main concern would be the meter. I was told the number one way people get caught is the power company can see when your pulling power and for how long. The guy I got all the equipment from had someone cut the power right before the meter. Not sure if that helped but he did it for 4 years without any issues. I just don't know anyone to do that. That and the risk of a fire scares me to lol
  4. I guess a large part of my paranoia would be the fact that I can't find a straight answer on wether or not I can get caught for using high amounts of power or not. And if I do get caught they'll ask why I'm using so much power first right? They won't just come in and kick down my door?
  5. if you went 240 it would be less power,and as far as the light company,do as my son does,every damn light in the house stay on 24/7 and live by a small airport,so flir aint detecting shit,and its a big house,he wont tell me his elect bill only cant imagine,but how they gonna spot a hot spot with every thing on,they turn computers off at night and that it,i have also been told LED lights cant be picked up by FLIR i dont really believe that though
  6. How many watts you wanting to run.

    Marine Fish and computers can use more.power than a small grow my computers can run 1000w and my fish can too and my fish stay on for 18 hours a day some ppl dont like to turn off computers or server banks

    I mean unless you running like 10Kw or somr shit you should be ok

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  7. Flir will pick up any heat so even if you keep lights they can still see heat but if you have good insulation and dont grow in ya loft youll normally be fine it often loft growers that get caught cause the roof lights up on flir

    All flir is looking for is heat signatures if you have good insulatio. Ect it wont pick it up and leds run cooler so flir would find it hard also.find small grows hard to.detect. as a small grow can put our less heat than some appliences. But again its harder too see the deeper in the house it.is as heat will o ly.escape out the roof or windows normally which will apper brigher to the heat cam.

    240v wont use massively less power it will pull halve the amps which will save a few watts in heat waste compared to 110

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  8. Still believe in that old myth eh. :D

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