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  1. Hey guys, I am an absolute beginner looking to grow a plant or two in a pc box. I've read a few articles and seen some pictures on it...but I just don't know where to start. If someone could help me out here, that would be great!
  2. Read the stickies in the absolute beginners forum. :wave:
  3. May want to think bigger than a PC box on your first grow. I forsee you running out of growth space way before the flower cycle completes. You'll either have to prune the hell out of it or flower it after a week of veg or both. It's gonna be a pain for a novice to get any reasonable harvest from that, but I would salute your attempt. It's a wicked stealth system.
  4. whats your budget? and are you looking to buy a case or build one yourself? you really just need to get the box, decide if you're doing soil or hydro, get those supplies, and then get some seeds to grow, in the mean time check out the stickies in the different sections, they'll have pretty much all the answer you would need to start
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    $300 gets you the perfect all in one package you need. Soil or hydro.:)
  6. Well can you suggest other beginner growing methods that's easy to manage and be stealthy? cause i am trying to grow in my room...
  7. theres threads full of beginners using pc grows succesfully as their first grow, you dont have to do a ton of pruning or quick veg, you can lst or scrog which is relatively simple if you read a couple threads that tell you what to do
  8. Hi Grasscity I am a Newbie also and I'm too growing in a Sealth Box, but I think my grows
    are grows are not doing good, I have 4, weeklings two in Coco Coir/w Perilte and two in Rapid Rooter,the two in the coir one is maybe 3" to 31/2" tall and the other is 2" tall. The
    other two in rapid rooter one is in a solo red cup with tooth picks to hold it up and above
    the water line in the cup the other is in my Bucketponic System, I don't know if I am doing
    Something wrong
  9. Def look at the stickies. Couple ideas

    -Minimum 24'' PCc case. Biggest problem is you can get a real nice veg in a standard case but your flowers don't stand a chance. (learned from experience)
    -Lots of light CFLs do work OK, you cant grow a 15lb harvest with them but for a pc box they work fine.
    -Keep the plants withing 3-4 inches of the light and use alot of it
    -Intake and out take exhaust fans bigger the better but any ventilation is good ventilation :D
    -clean water, ph (5.5-6.5) room temp don't over water. (you can always add it but its hard to take it back out)
    -The best PC grows are sadly only one plant, in the confines of the PC case it is possible to get a good harvest but for any decent root system to develop and tasty budz to be produced you are going to need a good size growth medium.
    -As far as nutes go, well go shopping and fine the coolest looking packaging.

    Good luck and keep looking around here, you should be able to grow buds anywhere with all the info here XD

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