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  1. Hey guys i've been checking this website out for a while and i recently turned 18 a few weeks back and im ready to confront the issues of legalization of marijuana. but i was wondering as a very young man barely out of school, where do i start in making a local movement and awreness of the benefits of marijuana, medical and recreational. how can i make a difference, and one day make it to being in debates that are actually fruitful, and how can i, as such a young person be taken seriously?
  2. You can't. Get a PhD. Do something important. Then advocate for marijuana.
  3. ^^Exactly, otherwise your just a pot head
  4. get a PhD in what exactly? and i don't intend to be completely inactive while i am in schooling, there must be something i can do to advocate the legal use of marujuana, i refuse to stay idle on the subject. so let me ask again: where to start?
  5. you can go to rallys, write your local senaters,spread awareness about this wonderful drug to people around you. remember education is the key to get it legalized we need to reverse 70+ years of propaganda, it may take a while to spread the word but it can be done!
    and on that note im going to go get ready for chicagos marijuana march!
  6. These guys who say you need a PhD are wrong, don't listen to them. Write your representatives (I'm not a huge fan of this since it mostly goes unnoticed, but if enough people are sending letters with the same opinion, it is hard to ignore). More importantly: locally, you can talk to your city council or mayor and bring up the issue with all the major talking points in your head... if you can convince them that marijuana isn't so bad you definitely have a shot at at least getting some sort of local ordinance passed, whether it be decriminalization or just a change in the priority of pursuing marijuana cases in the police department.
  7. OP, I would just do your research so you can be ready and prepared to drop knowledge on anyone bashing cannabis, whether it be a peer in college (i've encountered plenty who are totally ignorant on this subject), a family member, or an elected official. just knowing your facts will disarm most anybody in this argument, save for the staunch prohibitionist who can't be convinced of anything anyway.

    spreading knowledge of this to those around you is probably the most effective thing you can do at this stage, although it may not seem like it. write some letters, talk to some friends, even throw up some flyers in a public place advocating change.
  8. You can do a lot of things, like for example I made this thread to get info for people out there to know what marijuana laws are being considered in my state legislator http://forum.grasscity.com/legaliza...-its-up-us-make-legislation-do-something.html , getting knowledgeable about your local government and seeing who's pro what and etc, like with your local politician find out his stance on marijuana, and if he's against it get you and your friends together(register to vote if you haven't already) and go out and support your American right to vote and choose a representative that REPRESENTS YOU! You are no expert your just a kid so you can't go spitting knowledge, BUT you can get a bunch of other kids to go vote, sign petitions, or go to Pot Rally's. There's a lot you can do to show support, just remember REGISTER TO VOTE I CANNOT STRESS THIS ENOUGH lol

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