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Looking to do a super simple grow.

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by Martinsaurusrex, Aug 9, 2011.

  1. Exactly. You can make one for a good price. I can help you start off if you're interested in the PC box.

    There is a video to help you get started.
  2. "What do I need to do the most bare minimum of a grow? I don't want a 6 oz harvest, just a few nugs for myself as a test to see what I can do. I have access to power outlets and such up there, so I can do that."

    "Only reason I'm even considering the PC is because I can't have a grow room, or a major setup for it."

    "Also, it has to be a fairly stealthy operation, it'll be in my moms garage, and she's kind of a hardass, except she never goes up there so it shouldn't be too much of a concern. :D"

    For the OP, its better to be safe than sorry. If his parents are strict, better NOT to have a tent seeing as its pretty damn obvious. He also says he doesn't want a "6 oz harvest", so the PC set up would be perfectly fine. It would give him experience in growing if he ever decided to take it up a level when he moves out or gets more privacy. Since he doesn't have the chance to have a full blown grow room or major set up, the PC case will work. So will a cabinet/box as long as OP can keep it stealthed somehow. Remember: the bigger the grow space, the harder to hide.

    Just because you don't like PC grows doesn't mean you have to be ignorant and talk down to PC growers. :cool:
  3. Grow a set of balls and move away from mummys house.
  4. [​IMG]
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  6. Trolls will be trolls.

    Anyways Martin, don't listen to the troll, he's just a little too ignorant. Go ahead with a pc grow if you can build one without spending much. It would certainly at least give you experience to grow and you can learn techniques like low stress training, screen of green and so on. I also advise to maybe build a grow box that is a little bigger than a pc case but I feel a cabinet or tent would be too obvious in your scenario. Its better to be safe than sorry, or at least I think so. Do some good research on beginner growing, watch some movies like Jorge Cervante's Ultimate Grow and you'll be set once you got a ready to go set up with seeds.

  7. 2000+ posts and you have less rep than me. Seems like somebody is talking trash. ??????????
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    Coming from the troll, sure bro. :hello:
    I give help to beginners and I have a lot of rep from beginners but less from professionals. A lot of people receive rep from the chill out zone,which I don't even post in that much compared to you. Im not much for rep anyways.
    I see you post a lot in the chill out zone seeing your advice in grow threads is utter crap-a-doodle.

    To OP: happy growing.
  9. Is that why i own my own website and moderate many others.
    You aint got no rep in the whole time you have been here. A year before me i think. ????? mmmmmmmmm Something not right there or do you just get in to fights. :)
  10. I try to help someone get started and really you're not helping at all, just adding to the negative environment. You're in grasscity, not your own site or whatever you mod. You're not a mod or owner here, so really can say whatever you want and it won't matter.

    You will be reported for harassment and offensiveness. I have taken screenshots and will be readily available to budslinger and/or other mods if needed.
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    I have broken no rules and you have nothing to report. Best read the rules first before reporting me for no valid reason.
  12. ...And money...

    I totally agree, the yield from a PC grow isn't worth the effort to put into it.

    Even worse than a classic waste of time -- don't grow in your parents' house without their knowledge and consent. It's disrespectful, it puts your folks at risk (possibly even to lose their house), you will be stealing from them (who pays the electric bill?), and besides you will get caught.

    Growing MJ involves strange noises, smells, and activities. You just are not in a situation appropriate for growing, you need your own, secure place.

    And to everyone else, despite what I am sure are the best of intentions, you should not help someone to grow in their parents' house. Not only are you being as disrespectful as the OP (even if well-intended), GC doesn't tolerate it as a topic and will shut the thread down. That alone should tell you that you shouldn't help such a person.
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    How did I predict this ? I click to see threads by TWISTA, and what do I see ? His dumbass blabbing bullshit, wanting to argue.... Trash talking everybody's shit, and the ONLY defense you have is you have rep ? :eek:

    Ignorance is Bliss, it seems you have managed to extract all the rep from people who think your clown talk is funny. So quit flexing that shit... Plus your sig clearly states you think rep on here is bullshit anyway. So which one is it slick ?

    Actually, I couldn't find one piece of useful information from you, Only you arguing with everybody.

    You are nobody on the city.... I bet my whole fucking crop you couldn't even pull off a one plant PC grow. You're a classic douchebag. Plants would feel your faggotty aura & probably not grow for you.

    P.S. Now spend the rest of the day, trolling for some grow pics, and try to convince us they are yours.....


    Now let's all wait while the troll trolls up some more horseshit.... Awaiting your weak response, Sincerely Yours...
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    Nobody should tell another grower what they think is a "waste of time & money" ..... really ? Is it your time and money ? Seeds are a god given plant, every one of us is lucky to have ever even cracked a seed period.

    And how is wanting to grow in your parents garage any worse than any kind of guerilla grow ? Do we scorn Jorge Cervantes for teaching us advice and tips of that nature ? How is it any different ? Growing on someone else's land ? Is grasscity a parenting site now ?

    Since I guess your ambition is bigger than your support crew, your probably gonna have to wait on your plant Martin. And apparently I shouldn't "help" you, because you live at home. Smh ...

    Martin... I support your efforts, but just like anything in life, you will realize people will point you in any direction they want you to travel.... Also another truism for you; If you want to do it, just get your hands in their and do the shit. You can't rely on other people for what you truly want. F* em .... Good luck on your plant...
  15. Ahhh, a whole shit storm when I go to sleep. -.-

    I didn't intend for this to start anything, I was just being a harmless grow noob looking for some advice on a stealth grow.

    To answer some of the questions that were asked;

    Why do I live at home - Its cheaper. My college is like 3 blocks away and I can walk there from my parents house, why pay another 1k a year for an apartment that would end up being further, when my mom doesn't even bother me.

    Who pays the electric bill - My dad was an architect, he re-designed our house with intentions to rent out the basement and first floor, so there's 2 seperate electric systems running through the building. I pay for my own utilities (Internet, electricity, etc etc).

    The likelihood of my mom finding it is fairly low because she never goes into my room, nor does she ever bother going to the second floor of the garage.

    But if you guys mean that advice from the heart, I can't do anything but take it from you. I understand its a tad disrespectful to her, but its more of a learning experience than it is anything else. I'm not doing it to spite her or to attempt to get her in trouble, she's my Ma and I would do anything to prevent that. Granted I'll be moving out within the next 2-3 years because I'll be done with school (depending on if I go to grad school), then I can just do my grow there.

    I apologize heartily for stirring up a shitstorm you guys. :[
  16. Actually, I should apologize to you. Your initial question deserved a thread better than what was provided, so I kinda vented .... on your thread.

    Sorry bout that, no worries on your end, I think the micro grow goal of which you speak would not only be obtainable, but rewarding as hell for you personally. And thats what matters.

    You are definitely going to need to start genetics as a priority, no sativa's involved. You may want to look at some autoflower , lowryder type , indica/ruderalis cross, ... a short plant basically.

    Your grow is totally doable. You really need to know what the max space is that you reasonably have, and as secure in your situation as possible, & start there.

    Endless fabrications & DIY things can easily be done..

    So hopefully we can continue the thread & focus on your goal.... If I can help, even the slightest, I would be glad too... grow on brother...:smoke:

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