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Discussion in 'Hydroponic Growing' started by GardenFather, Jun 6, 2013.

  1. Hey everyoe, last year I made my own hydro system it was a drip feed system. This year Id like to buy one thats a little bigger or even try Aeroponics system. Maybe I can grow bigger plants this time with that system.
    Im looking to buy some of the stuff online, maybe In Canada. I tried some of my local shops they seem to not sell hydro systems. Plus I really do not feel like making one lol.

  2. I found a local store that is new and really good :)
  3. Hydrofarm waterfarm complete

    Keep calm and grow on

  4. Get a 5gal get a net pot that fits in a 5 gal like a lid. Get some airstones and air pump and some hydroton . Some rockwool cubes and some nutes and you will be good to go . Do not buy a kit you will regret it when you really get into growing i mean it will be cool at first but once you figure everything out you will mostlikley want somthing bigger and better and end up spending more money than you should. But thats jus my opinion do what you want but im tryimg to help you learn from my mistakes ( -:
    A little more info would be useful!  What's your budget.  Are you growing in  a tent?  How much space do you have, number of plants, etc....   Otherwise, I'd recommend building Hempy buckets.  Google "Hempy bucket" and you'll be shocked at how simple and effective these are!  
  7. Thanks its all good I got everything now, made a hydro system 6 bucket drip system, Gorilla grow tent, 600w hps digital ballast ect.. :)
    Thanks everyone

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