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  1. Hello. I'm looking to grab me a new bong for $200. (Maybe more) The only thing is I can't find any of the good brands you guys talk about. (Sg, toro, möbius, ect) I live in Canada and most of the bongs at my headshop look like china made. (Cheech, Hoss, gear, pure, Bio.) I want a quality piece. I see all these nice pieces online but I heard its illegal to ship bongs into Canada. (Not sure.) If you guys have any knowledge about this topic please do help. Thanks a lot.Sent from my iPhone using Grasscity Forum
  2. That's funny, there was a post just like this a little while ago.  Check out Liquid Chrome, they are in Canada, they carry top brands, google their website and find their number and just give them a call.  I got a mothership egg from them and they shipped to the US.
    Other than that, you can email online shops like ALT or HPG to see if they can ship to canada.  For those brands you're looking at, 200 probably won't be enough.  For stuff like Sg, toro, mobius, olympic (not often talked about, but top notch glass regardless) 400 would be a better starting budget.  You can get quality glass for 200-300 but the brands you'd want to look at that price point are the SYNs, ZOBs, Medicali and stuff like that.  The brands you mention above are more inventive, those are guys that are designing their own percs, they have a "premium" brand so you're going to pay higher price.  SYN, ZOB etc they make good glass, they use high quality boro, it's just they mass produce percs that aren't as unique.
    But, if you buy a premium brand, it's easier to resell in the future if you want to buy something different.  From what I've heard about Canada...Liquid Chrome is your best bet and they ship.  I think the best thing about liq. chrome is that in canada the glass scene seems to be much smaller so when every shop in the US sold out of their mothership...liquid chrome still had most of their shipment still hanging around.

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