Looking to buy a Roor

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  1. Im looking to pick up a roar soon for my apartment and was wondering if anyone knew some online dealers that had them for a good deal. I want a real roar, not a knockoff. Thanks for the help!
  2. Grasscity is a licensed retailer.

    Also, may I ask why? The way you talk about a RooR ("[picking it up] for my apartment") you make it sound like furniture....
  3. Well all my roomates want one, so we are going to go down on one.
  4. SG SGW SYN Wilson Toro US Mobius > Roor
    Id suggest a lil research of your own before picking a brand because somebody else wants one. Lots of brands that will give you more bang for your buck and great quality of glass. Roor is good quality of glass, and thats about it. Theres nothing special about them. Only Roor i've seen and respected was a stemless Roor.tech 8 Arm tree to 8 Arm tree.
  5. Don't ask for help on here, people are just going to belittle you and get mad that you aren't buying sg. Best place to buy is definitely here on gc with the discount
  6. If you go roor get some form of diffusion at least. Paying hundreds of dollars for a straight tube with out a diffused downstem is not the best deal.

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