Looking to buy a BONG!!

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  1. Hey,

    I'm looking to buy a bong. I have $200 to spend. I was thinking about buying the Roor Little Sista 3.2mm 45cm w/ Diffuser... but I've noticed pretty much anyone interested in Roor pieces gets hated on by everyone in the forum, LOL. What should I get?

    - Nahledge :bongin:
  2. Oh my fucking goodness.......here we go again. For the 1,000,000,000,000,000th time. Yay.
  3. Sovereignty, 2011bc, EFS, Manifest Glassworks, DWB, Stone Glass Works, Toro, Luke Wilson, etc.

    Just look around the forum dude.
  4. & you won't get a quality "bong" for 200 dollars, time to start saving.
  5. Looking for more specific at a $200 price point, but thanks.

  6. Black Leaf, Molino, HVY, Manifest Glassworks, Ehle.

  7. I hear ya, but I'm not a glass freak. I don't need to spend $500+ on a Bong. I just want something nice and reliable that isn't a bitch to clean, is somewhat durable, hits good, and will last me a long time.
  8. Dude what? You totally can get a great bong for under 200.

    Look around gc op, the store not the forum. You're bound to find something you like. If its your first bong a nice straight tube is always a good start.

    Are you lookin for anything in particular in the perc category?
  9. Any particular models that you recommend?
  10. Yeah.. I've been looking in the store.. I see a ton of stuff that looks really nice. I'm not a professional when it comes to glass and I'm not too familiar with any brands other than Roor and Ehle. I want to take advantage of this sale though.. great prices!
  11. [quote name='"SmokeyDaBear420"']

    Black Leaf, Molino, HVY, Manifest Glassworks, Ehle.[/quote]

    These ones. Weed star has some decent ones for pretty cheap but a lot of those ones have carbs.

    Glasscity too, I think that's gc's company but I really don't know. I've heard good things about them except for their bubbler.

    Its been a while since I looked at the lower price point stuff. If I do that I usually go to my lhs.
  12. EFS offers clear stemlines for $200, and I recommend him very highly.

    If you want, he's got a bunch of options too, but a bare-bones tube would be awesome regardless.

    Check out his thread here for examples or search youtube.

    Also, for the Molino suggestions, there may not be many of them in stock. The facilities they are made in were recently flooded and might not be back to producing for a little while.
  13. How do you feel about Molino Mad Scientist v3?
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  15. Hahaha.. that's funny.. I just posted about that one right before you. It looks pretty cool. IDK about a removable perc though. I feel like the reviews in the shop are kinda hard to go by. I haven't seen a negative review about ANYTHING on there, lol. Seems kinda fishy to me.
  16. About the mad scientist: I'd avoid anything with a removable perc. Trees are inherently prone to breaking without reinforcement to begin with, so when you add another point where something can go wrong you may very well end up with some broken glass.

    Also, the diffusers molino uses aren't incredible, so having an extra one wont be life changing.
  17. I like the Mad Scientist. That's pretty badass.

    I'd just shop around until you find what YOU want, and definitely look up youtube reviews to show you how something smokes. I bought a mini mini bong for $20 in St. Mark's Place, but the glass is quality and it hits better than any bowl that'sforsure. Next time I buy a bong I definitely want a percolator though. I imagine most of the stuff is quality for the price or there'd be bad reviews.
  18. Yeah don't get what you want because people will make fun of you for it. Good luck in the real world my friend...
  19. get a zob, great glass for such a good price

  20. lol.. i really don't care what people think.. but if so many people say NOT to get a Roor.. there has to be a reason why. I'm just looking for recommendations.. like i said.. i'm not a pro when it comes to glass.

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