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  1. Never really tried to grow. Spent entire fall and winter reading any bit of info on the subject of growing. I have good general understanding of this process. Ive become facinated w growing and as of now its really all I wanna do. I believe ive cared too much for these plants and overwatered cause the first two days they shot up out of the soil. I could have sat and watched them get taller everytime I checked they were.a little taller than jusoilst a few hrs before. I noticed no development really for an entire day some of the first set of leaves curled a bit some had seemed to shrink. And one or two got slight yellow in spots. Ive found bad review of the soil I bought to start them in and did some reading and thats what I figure I did (overwater). I noticed that dirt looked very dry at top but was saturated at bottoms of the little seed starter cups. So I got worried and went out and bought larger cups made the same as the tiny ones only these are the size of a reg plastic.cup, got a better bag of seed starting soil and transplanted them into the larger cups as delicatly as I could. Because I was affraid of overwatering in the first place I didnt add any water at all which made it messy at times and nearly losing.a cpl . Being that I didnt.wanna expose the root ends.but wanted to at least try and remove some of that shity soil from the mix. Ive also been told to kind add. soil around stems to help make a shorter more stout plant that will be bushy and it will help ensure a thinker stem. Is that true?. Or should I stop that too? Now today I shut the light down for 4 or 5 hrs and got a fertelizer w higher nitrogen content and turned light back on and watered them all with only half the ammount they say on box to use to start and moved the light up a inch or so. I will see tom morning if I notice any growth. I hope to see an improvement soon,got alot of time dedicated into learning.all I can. Im taking this outdoors soon as im sure the nicer weather here in pa for sure, and when I know these plants are healthy and strong enough to make the t
    rip. Ive got 7or 8 frusion dew and now only 2 Hollands hope . Both feminized
    And 8 kc45reg they are all suposed to be great outdoor strains which is why I bought these. Anybody wAnaa help id appreciate it..
  2. Post some pics if you can also what kind of soil did you plant them in?
  3. and you spent that long reading? what really did you learn? did you retain any of it?
    was it all nonsense?

    are there drainage holes in the bottom of your cups?
    do they still have the little round leaves(that grew first)?

    it is true what you heard about adding soil. but usually is needed when seedlings stretch.
    if the stems stretch too much it means your lights too far, correct the distance from light then add soil around stem to make plant sturdier. so you have to take this into account when filling the pots leave some room for adding soil.
  4. Too much time,reading strain reviews and looking for a perfect strain for north east.us which there is none. Not enough time on a site like this with so many ppl w differrnt experience to help and learn from. So no more have died or even gotten
    Worse so lookin good. Soil I got to get rid of that scotts shit is a cheap ass bag from a dollar store for starting seeds contains all important ingredients stressed all over ever grow guide. Next what and where do I get what I need for there final home either pot or hole I dont wanna take a chance. Using a metal halide I movzed it up a cpl inches for the time being. Put an extra cup in my tote full of.dry soil so its easy to tell difference of dry and
    Moist cups. Temp? Its a little ass closet but I keep door cracked open a few inches when I can . Ill look for a thermometer and try and get that later w a pic. I apprecite the help didnt take long for a response thanks. Trial and error. Whats next?
  5. Do they still have their little round leaves on them ?
    any fan leaves?
    Need to know where these are in growth man. Pics really help.

    For help your gonna get out what you put in. So you cant really be to detailed.
    They pro. Just overwatered. But any guess at this moment is uneducated.
  6. Could well be a heat problem, MH lights get hotter than HPS so working in a small area it wont take much for tempretures to rise and fall.

    But as hemi4spd said, pics help. They tell a 1000 words ;)
  7. Here are pics .... Heat is something ive considered im limited space without making things risky . I just wanna keep them inside till im sure its safe for a transplant. Now ive been givin 3 fem nc
    So they are in the mix.the strain im unsure of right now ive got to ask to be sure. I was told they are ready to flower so I assume ill have to maintain these under a 20 and4 light cycle until I know the weather is safe enough to put them outside.? Right? Now I have to worry about these and the conditions in this little ass closet. Probally in too deep but its cool im ready to putthe work in just gotta get these safe outside and ensure they survive. So whatever I gotta do tell me im not just doin this for something to do. I wanna make this my life.

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  8. Clones 3 female clones (see above)
  9. More pics ... Hope this is enough to help also hope this is safeever saw anything about posting pics like this in any grow guide...

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