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  1. i have a huge appetite for rap, i get tired of shit quick and i'm already tired of all the shit i listen to....i need something new. here are some artists that are currently in my playlist, so ya'll can get an idea of what i listen to:

    Eminem (older shit)
    Andre Nickatina
    Mac Dre
    Immortal Technique
    Lil Wayne
    Devin The Dude
    Notorious B.I.G
    Brotha Lynch Hung
    Ghostface Killah

  2. How new are you looking for? Like a whole new genre or like different rap? as far as rap goes i really like atmosphere, NWA, eazy e, dre, brother ali. As far as other genres go, i have a pretty wide taste but i listen to a lot of rock from classic to new, and a lot of acoustic. but i'll list a some of my favorites and try to include some variety... Aerosmith is my favorite. Pink Floyd, Led Zeppelin, Bob Marley, Phish, Ween, Bedouin Soundclash, Ben Harper, Jack Johnson, Counting Crows, The Who, Grateful Dead, Matisyahu, Blues Traveler, Van Halen, Bob Dylan, Pearl Jam, Rebelution, Collie Buddz, Sublime, Incubus. Collie Buddz is kinda rap/reggae and almost all his songs are completely laced with thc. Not sure if that's what you're looking for but I hope it helps, It was really hard to keep that list somewhat short haha. Peace :smoking:
  3. Redman should be on there...
    Check out Tech N9ne...
    and here's some reggae ya may like...
    Steel Pulse
    Burning Spear
    Augustus Pablo
    Barrington Levy
    Tribal Seeds
    Soldiers Of Jah Army
    (and of course Bob Marley)

    I hope that helped...lemme know what ya think.
  4. get some big L and soe big pun
  5. Big L is amazing. WALE from D.C. is amazing... dude, im a DC *****, and DC gets no props for hip hop, but weezy even came to this dude a while ago and told him that he's been following him and knows he's incredible and wants to be on one of his songs..
    with that said, jedi mind tricks, just blaze, papoose, SAIGON (real shit, *****), Big L, Big L, and Big L
  6. dude i typed that whole thing, and, swear on my life, didn't even realize dude before me said Big L...
  7. a tribe called quest
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    im downloading some redman, big L, and some tech9 rite now. and for the dude that mentioned game i think i have every single some game has ever recorded lol, i used to be a big fan '300 bars and runnin' is still filthy as fuck....

    I'm looking for somethin with some crazy ass metaphors too...
  9. canibus - the most underrated rapper ever check out Channel zero and I Honor U. then 100 barz for some seriously crazy shit
  10. atmosphere
    del the funky homosapien
  11. talib kweli and mos def

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