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Discussion in 'General' started by KingStun10, Nov 29, 2011.

  1. Hey guys for school i need to find a work of art that relates to my novel "1984"(for those who can relate). Which is basically about a totalitarianism government that controls all members of its society, obviously gets deeper but that the basic info. Anyways im looking for a picture of a man (like god) who is looking down at his people. It is much harder to find then you would think and id appreciate if you guys could do a little looking around to help me out. thanks a lot!!
  2. "hey i can't figure out how to do my homework so i'm gonna post a thread on grasscity and hope somebody cares"
  3. I know exactly how to do my work and am probably much smarter then the smart ass u portray yourself to be. I just cannot locate a picture that i am looking for, that is all.
  4. You are just as capable as anyone on these forums at locating what you need.
  5. no one's questioning anyone's intelligence. just saying that you're better off finding it yourself.
  6. Thanks this is what i was looking for, i already am using this photo actually but wanted to find a painting that displayed the same message
  7. no that one doesnt show enough power, its alright tho i guess ill just use the one with hitler

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