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  1. Not too sure what I’m dealing with here. Plants are huge for the time of year and were growing rapidly up until about three days ago. Plants are in 25 gal fabric pots. Using pro mix with gaja green power bloom, worm castings, and have been watering with alfalfa / worm castings / molasses tea every other watering. This is an outdoor grow. Could this be cal / mag def since I didn’t not add dolomite lime this round?

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  2. I had a lil bit of same thing goin on with mine but my grow is indoors could be a few things bud cal/mag like you said or pest problems that’s how that usually starts out give calmag a try like 2.5 to 3 ml per gallon and get some sticky mats for bugs fruit fly knats etc. you’ll start seeing bugs stuck to em and see what’s eating on your plant
  3. Man that’s funny you say that. I’ve been battling tiny little holes forever. Just recently sprayed some insecticidal soap all over plants and the holes kept coming... could this be all pest induced ? Still all the older fans were beautiful green all up until like a couple days ago. Now all white/brown spotted. I was so stressed out when I first seen it. These were doing way too good it’s Murphy’s law

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  4. yea buddy the white brown spotty holes is most def pest problems and try not to spray anything on your leaves they love moisture will just make it worse get them sticky pads put em in bucket under the plant let your soil dry out also vinegar they hate that shit if you want to put some in lil bowls and set it on top of your soil and can get the fly strips to hang above em if need be bud hopefully your plant don’t have an infection if you start seeing your leaves go pale like whitish is a very bad sign
  5. But don’t freak out bud could still be cal mag or just nute def 1 of those 3 things for sure me I’d lean toward calmag and pest but I could be wrong lol I only human
  6. Look up leaf Septora bud that’s what yours looks like
  7. So after closely examining my crop I definitely have a fungus gnat larvae issue, and also see quite a few almost microscopic clear looking bugs that move fairly quick. Found a couple of them underneath a leaf that I took off. But see lots of them on the soil surface. I see quite a few bugs. But I’m thinking the ones I see are either thrip or aphids. I think I’ve got a couple different issues here larvae attacking the roots and weakening the plant, other critters eating the foliage, and others sucking the juices ... thanks for pointing me in the right direction guys. must be fairly aggressive since my plants have gone downhill in health FAST.
  8. You need to look underneath the leaf
    Look for bugs , do you have a jewels loop or magnifying glass ?
    Looks like bugs to me I was going to say spider mites
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  9. Are there maggots in the soil?
  10. Looks like mites to me too, but larger dots. I think a good neem foliar spray and root drench is in order.
  11. Spider mite damage. They hide under the leafs when lights/ sun is out. Go above lights out. So look under the leafs.
  12. Glad ya figured it out bud you might have to spray like the other guy was saying neem oil try the sticky mats to if need be best hopes man keep us updated
  13. Naw it’s not spider mites. Dealt with those b4. The underside of the leaf is the first place I looked and didn’t find jack shit. Majority of the small bugs I’m finding are on the grow medium and have found them crawling up and down the stalk.

    Don’t think so. From what I see it’s totally gnat larvae and either thrips or aphids. I’m gunna grab some neem oil, and some of those gnat /mosquito pucks that u crush up and water with.
  14. So bought some mosquito dunks and did a good drench. Also bought some bug bgon eco and used it as directed.. fingers crossed.
  15. Did you get any sticky mats to see what all types of bugs are trying to eat at it bud or did ya already figure out what’s eating on em
  16. Also and I promise you works great get a lil tiny container like at a restaurant how they give you one for like ranch ketchup stuff like that or a lil bigger put vinegar in it you will see that thing fill up with bugs in a few days and kill em and set the bowl on top of soil

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