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  1. Hey all,
    I was a small grower a few years back and had some seeds laying around. Needless to say, they haven't popped.
    So... I need to order. But, I used to use Herbies single site now I see they only accept cash. And that's at many other places too. I only have MasterCard and the only UK seller I can find is Seedsman. Seems ok, good freebies.

    I live on the east coast, in prohibition land, so everything came through New York customs. Apparently it was easier than ordering from Canada and going through Chicago customs.

    So.... any recommendations? Are US sellers an option now? If so, are they more secure? More expensive?

    I really only need a small order with a few freebies. If there was a way to pick some up in DC I'd make a road trip!
  2. Check out the vault (not sure of payment options) or seedsupreme (bitcoin, cash, credit still I think) both are in UK to my knowledge
  3. Oops, didnt read everything lol.
    Seedsupreme has been good on my orders so far in the states. Discreet and small orders no prob.
    If you dont own bitcoin, you can get them on coinbase app. And get a 25% discount on seeds still I think.
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  4. I did sign up with coinbase, but haven't bought any yet... I've heard there's a bunch of fees?
  5. Growers Direct has taken care of me.
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  6. I had no problems with Seedsman, even with a cash order.

    I now can buy seeds over the counter in California, so that's what I'm doing. Still, I just popped a White Widow bean I got from Seedsman last year, and it looks fine. :)
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  7. Nice! That's one of the strains I'm looking to get! And Northern lights as well.
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  8. SeedsHereNow.com

    Anything from Ethos and Exotic Genetix

    Your welcome

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  9. If you use a domestic seed bank you dont have to worry about customs only issues is payment usually going to have to be bitcoin or cash in the mail. I havent used any domestic yet will my next purchase proablly. Iv used nirvana for years they take credit cards took about 7 days or so to receive last order and have free shipping. Truenorth i used first time this year took a little while to process but was around 4/20 received in about 3weeks it went through Chicago customs slow af. Heard great things about the vault no personal exp. With them though.
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  10. I had a hard time finding a US based seed bank that would take CC payments.
    I ended up going with Growers Choice.
    Couldn’t of been happier.
    Super smooth transaction and great fast shipping
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  11. I went with Seedsman, liked the prices/freebies, and they take my MasterCard. Went through without having to call my cc company .
    Thanks for the input everyone!

    Now...the waiting game.....
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  12. Good choice! They're well respected and have a great selection of seeds. :)

    I'm still reveling in my latest seed purchases from a local dispensary: an African hybrid and Headband x Sour Diesel. I bought what the label said was "12+" seeds... between the two packs of seeds it turned out to be nearly 60 seeds! Makes me wish SOG was legal . It ought to be too! Any grower knows that Scrog and SOG produce roughly the same amount of bud.

    The irony of it all is I only grow for personal use so those seeds will be with me for years! lol

    Good luck with your grow! BTW, did you get Northern Lights and White Widow?
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  13. Good to know they have have a solid rep!
    And, no, I didn't get any if those:roflmao: I got the peyote wifi which came with a free 3 pack of fem peyote cheese. Then I needed to spend a little more to get the freebies, so I ordered something called white OG, and selected 3 auto Northern lights(never messed with autos before).

    Not sure if I'll do a grow journal or not. :D
  14. DC Seeds - great place - great service - on the east coast
    Home - DCSE
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  15. I got Peyote Critical fems as a freebie from them. Treated the plant with colloidal silver and now have a shitload of Peyote Critical seeds. It's ironic... got a bunch of seeds from it, but at this point I'm sick of the strain.... been smoking it for almost nine months. Even more ironic, it's an awesome plant to grow: easy, and super pest resistant, so I'm growing another one just for fun. lol

    from Leafly: "White OG is an indica-dominant strain that was first bred by Karma Genetics by crossing The White with SFV OG Kush"

    SFV OG is OG from the San Fernando valley, southeast of Los Angeles, and The White originated in Florida. It looks like a great OG strain, although maybe not very pungent smelling.... which isn't a bad thing for an indoor grow. ;)
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  16. That was one I looked at too! I think dc will finally get retail figured out this year, then I can just make a road trip there.
  17. I still have a bottle of silver from years ago, but I'm having to relearn growing, so I have enough seed to last.
    Doing an extreme micro grow, like a pc grow, gotta keep it stealth!
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    If you want as close to the real deal NL5 as youre gonna find, look no further than

    Dominion Seed Company Munson. EYEPEELER. Will take you back to the 80s. Grow this stuff right, and you will be rewarded with resin balls of buds..

    Also not to mention REAL Headband clone only mom x Chem91 VA x ( Skelly/SSSC Sk1 )

    REAL NL5 x Chem91 VA x 1989 clone only mom ( 89 Skelly Hashplant/ mid 80s Super Sativa Seed Club Sk1 )

    They are available in USA from SeedsHereNow. I send Cash Only and get a 10%-15% Discount.

    There is a SALE at SHN, and if you buy the SkunkbandV2, you get FREE MUNSON!!!!
    Both Munson, and Skunkband have the Dominion Skunk as the father. Chem91 VA x ( Skelly/SSSC Sk1 )

    If you don't know what Skelly is, is is AKA as PUCK.
    Skelly is a product of Nevils Hashplant from Mid 80s. Found by SKELLY in 1989. It is Clone Only PNW HP Mom x NL1 Male. Then backcross Male F1 cross to PNW clone mother.

    Squidly...RIP found the Cuddlefish Hashplant, and is Pucks Sister, and is found in Local Skunk. Local has Both. Puck is most sought after of all PNW HP Clones.

    Super Sativa Seed Club was 1 of the first companies to offer seeds by mail. Starting in the 80s, and eventually sold all their gear to Nevil, that eventually went to Sensi Seeds in 1990, and most all the original stuff is long gone. This stuff is Original, and is as potent as ever. DD VA is also retiring in 2020, and Im hoarding all these genes I can, before there gone again.

    SB V2 usually sells for $150.
    Munson usually sells for $108.

    BOTH are on SALE for $117.00 USD Shipping Included. That's $250+ worth of seed for $117.00

    DD VA, owner of Dominion Seed Company WON Breeder of the Year at Emerald Cup. A Random Dominion Skunk, or it may have be the Local tested at 29% THC, and the Terpenes are exceedingly high. REEKS!!!!
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  19. Munson, huh? Sounds like the real deal! I just listened to a podcast where they talked about NL5s lineage.
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