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Looking for some advice with a problem I'm going through.

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by xanaxtc, Apr 26, 2013.

  1. I'll just get right to the point. Two nights ago, i was at work for my normal close shift. At around 7 pm, i cracked open a monster energy can, and drank it somewhat slowly over the next hour-hour and a half. I was on a somewhat empty stomach, but i didn't completely finish the can. Anyways, i get off work at about 930 pm, and go home. Bring myself home a pepperoni pizza. At this point, im hungry, and feel my normal jitteryness from the energy drink and lack of food in stomach, always kind of feel like poop until i eat when i get home. I get home, sat for around a half hour to an hour just relaxing and waited for the oven to turn on. Put my pizza in, at this point im feeling like crap already. Pizza comes out, i eat 4 pieces fairly quick, and then feel worse than before. I figured id sit for a few minutes and let the food sink in, than go smoke. I get up to go pack a bowl and realize i have no bud left, so i filled the bong bowl with keif and a little oil on top. I roast the bowl fully with my friend, and turn on borderlands. A few minutes later i start feeling extremely weird, i tell my buddy that and we just assume i might have gotten too high. Well after a few more minutes i feel some tightening in my chest and a numbing feeling going through out my body. I started panicking cause it wasn't normal, then my heartbeat shot up super fast, i had palpitations, couldn't breathe very well, literally thought i was having a heart attack. I stood up, walked around, tried to calm myself down, ended up laying back down on my couch shaking uncontrollably till about 2 am when i finally decided to lay down and try to sleep.

    Now, its two days later. I havent smoked since cause i have been kind of scared to (keep in mind that i have been smoking every day for about 4 years now, including hash oil and the likes.) I havent been able to shake this feeling of wanting to shit but feeling like im backed up, but i know im not cause i do shit every once in awhile. I've been jittery and shaky on the inside, not so much the outside. And i get fairly dizzy quite often. I can't figure out what the fuck is going on with me. I know i had a panic attack, but i cant tell if it was a combo of the keif/hash bowl plus the comedown or still going energy drink, or if stress from school was also added in and caused it. But i don't know why i am still feeling like shit kind of, two days afterwords.

    Anyone got any advice? All ive been drinking since then is water, ive had some fruit smoothies from mcdonalds and shit like that, trying to avoid things that make my stomach upset. Could it be something with blood pressure or what? Anything i can do to help this?

    Thanks everyone.
  2. Lol fruit smoothies from McDonald's r prolly not a good idea

    But yeah a somewhat similar thig happened to a friend. He had a caffiene pill and then blazed. No caffiene tolerance and he started to have a panic attack. Wasn't nearly as severe as what u described
  3. But yeah he didn't smoke or touch caffiene, excercised and was fine later
  4. I've notice you're mood is effected by what you eat if that make sence (kinda high)
    But like I've noticed that when I eat a lot of fast foor for a good period of time I started to feel like shit/ got sick easy.
    Then I started to eat healthy and 3 meals a day as in like home cooked meals fruits and vegetables you know? It really helped me with energy mood and just made my days better

    Give that a try and see what happends and hope you get well man
  5. Is the 'comedown' you mentioned from the energy drink or a stim infested earlier in the day?
    If it is a stim comedown then it's definitely just the caffeine+comedown.
    If it is an energy drink comedown, your stress has probably built up and just let out after being tense from the caffeine.

  6. Where the fuck did you get fruit smoothies from?
  7. I think you're picking the wrong martyr here man; if anything the caffeine caused the issue, not the bud. Also you said you drank a monster on an empty stomach; that alone is enough to make most people feel like total shit, myself included, and it'd be far worse if we smoked lol
    I used to love caffeine, drank about 3/4 of a pot of coffee every morning and a Monster on break at work; found the buzz kept me goin and made me feel pretty good. But eventually it started to do the complete opposite; and now even the slightest amount of caffeine can have me in cold sweats all day long with a terrible building anxiety that refuses to go away.
    Caffeine isnt for everyone man, maybe cutting it out of your life would work wonders on your problem, I know it sure did for me
  8. Thanks for the responses guys, i have no doubt in my mind that the monster energy drink was the culprit + stress from school and money. Having that large bowl of hash/keif lifted me over the edge and i freaked out. I love marijuana, and i know that it has never hurt anyone, but it did contribute to what happened.

    The biggest thing I'm trying to figure out is why 3 days later, i still have stomach irritability, lots of gas and little loose stool, and a anxious feeling throughout my body, pretty fatigued also. It fucking sucks.
  9. There.

    Ps. OP, Cut out all fast food, pizza, junk food and shit for a few days and see how much better you'll feel. I promise.
  10. You get out what you put in. Maybe it's time to start thinking about your health?
  11. You guys probably won't believe me when i say this, but, i eat pizza pretty much every single day, and have since i was like 15-16, I'm 21 now. Although, I'm not overweight and i play basketball every day, and have no problems with that. 70% of the food you guys eat on a daily basis, I've never even tried in my entire life. I've been a picky eater since like 4-5 years old, only eating pizza and chicken and a few other things, but i cut almost all meat besides pepperoni and the occasional indulgence of bacon on cheese and fries when i was 15-16. I really don't eat meat at all anymore. I've been trying to eat healthier lately just cause i know it' better for me, but when you put an apple or strawberry in your mouth and the texture instantly makes you puke, it's pretty fucking hard to change your eating habits.

    Though after reading your responses today, i just went to the grocery store and bought myself a bunch of fruit, and forced myself to sit down an eat a whole apple, even though i gagged almost every other bite.
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    What happened to this section. I was taking this thread seriously until I read "I drank a monster energy".

    What happened to logic?
    Eat and drink shit, feel like shit.
  13. Plenty of people drink monster energy on a daily basis yo.

    And let me put this in there, even though i have only eaten all this shit for the past couple years and all the caffeine and whatever, I have NEVER felt an experience like this, nor the aftermath of it, so i know it isn't normal for me, hence why i was asking for advice.

    And your "logic" differs from person to person.
  14. Stop eating and drinking shit, it caught up with you yo.
  15. Amen to that. I'm convinced my past shitty eating habits led me to develop ibs-c and colitis
  16. You shouldnt have drank the energy drink on an empty stomach. If you do that enough youll develop painful ulcers from the drink eating away at your stomach lining. You need food for energy, not artificial drinks. Thats probably what made you feel bad, especially if its a regular thing for you. Had you eaten before it youd probly be alright. And a pizza isnt the healthiest thing to eat. You basically flooded your stomach (and later other parts of your body after digestion) with a bunch of crap when it needed nutrients and such the most.

    Eat healthier (like someone said, that smoothie from McD is bad, as is all "healthy" food from fast food places like salads), drink plenty of water, and youll be back to normal in no time. Diet really does have a bigger effect on our lives than we think.
  17. [quote name='"xanaxtc"']

    Plenty of people drink monster energy on a daily basis yo.

    And let me put this in there, even though i have only eaten all this shit for the past couple years and all the caffeine and whatever, I have NEVER felt an experience like this, nor the aftermath of it, so i know it isn't normal for me, hence why i was asking for advice.

    And your "logic" differs from person to person.[/quote]

    It could be just now finally catching up to you. You know well how these processed foods and such affect us. Just because you havent experienced the side effects until now doesnt mean anything.

    You can smoke tobacco for 5 years and seem ok, but you will develop cancer/heart problems EVENTUALLY.

    Its just now catching up to you, but its not too late to stop it from getting worse... if you change your ways. Good luck.

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