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Looking for quality bong, price is no factor

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by 2girls1dave, Jan 8, 2013.

  1. hello blades!
    here's the run down..
    my buddy is inheriting a large sum of money, he's buying 2 ounces right off the bat and smoking a couple of us the fuck out!!
    he also wants to purchase a nice bong, but he's pretty novice when it comes to smoking, especially in terms of glass.. he basically has no idea what he's doing lol....

    so i told him i'd try to find something really nice for him online.

    Price is not really a factor in this, seeing as he is going to have thousands and thousands and thousands of dollars in about a week. however, keep in mind he is kind of a novice so i don't think he will be looking to spend a ridiculous amount...

    i've looked into brands such as SG, mobius, etc... i've never really looked into high end glass before like this though... i know a good amount about glass, but the really high quality stuff has never really crossed my path sooo i don't know exactly what to look for...

    what would you blades suggest?

    stay lifted :bongin:
  2. Ive smoked out of quite a few illadelphs that were really nice. Not much of a bong connosuier tho.

    Im sure youll get those guys in here recommending some high quality glass
  3. If high end glass is what you are looking for then I would tell you to check out some of the nicer high end online headshops like Aqua tech or HPG. Or go take a look at some of the nicer headshops around you if there are any. There is too much good glass out there to tell you one that you should get. but definitely not that^^
  4. Sovereignty, Toro, Illadelph, RooR (including RooR tech), SYN, and Lux are the best brands I've come into contact with.

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