Looking for plans to make a greenhouse

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  1. I cant find anything I liked besides something like the picture below but I want it to be an octagonal greenhouse. I've been scouring google for days and cant find anything, anybody got any idea where to look to find something like this? Probably would add a little more window area than in the picture but I like the way this looks a lot.
    hqdefault (2).jpg
  2. Consider looking into yurt companies.
    They may be able to supply what you're looking for.
  3. I was wanting something made from wood and polycarbonate panels. I'm going to build a slightly smaller basement below
  4. I see yurts around here;
    I see them as great frames for an octagonal greenhouse.
  5. Could you show me some examples?
  6. EZ-Up with white sides and windows
  7. Is it wooden construction? All I can find is canopys and I want something thatll last 20+ years
  8. nah, steel with canvas but they're reasonably priced.
  9. I'm not rich but I have some disposable income just not handy with tools, I'm starting by trying to remodel the basement if that goes well I'd like to try the greenhouse I got some friends that can help just wanted to find some plans just cant find any large enough and I'm unsure how to upscale things my buddy might know though now that I thinking about it
  10. DIY Greenhouse | Ana White
    This is what I did. I ran the poly panels all the way down , though and put a lightweight storm door on it.
    Also ran power to 2 -12" exhaust fans and one 16" oscillating fan.
    Still gets pretty toasty in there.
  11. I seen that one I'm still wanting the octagon shape I was thinking of asking these amish guys if they knew somebody and how much they'd want if it wasnt to expensive
  12. Final conclusion is I'm buying a growspan 2000 series. Custom size 24'w x 30'l is going to cost just under 15k before freight which would be another 2k.
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  13. I'm looking to invest into the property and I'm planning on building a root cellar that connects to my greenhouse through a spring loaded hatch also. I was looking at agratech guy told me 35k with lights heating cooling etc. plus engineering which I'm assuming hes talking having someone build it for me but that's usually the cost of the greenhouse so screw that I'm tryna see what it costs without it. I'm picky and I hate it sometimes >_<
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