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    This is my first grow under a 400mh. I have 1 blue goo and 3 other seeds given to me from my friend. All 3 bag seeds look good the blue goo is laggin a bit but i think it will be ok. Im currently using FF : grow big and kellogg organic soil. They are all about 14" at the moment and im looking to flower them at about 18". Just looking to see what everyone thought of my first grow.Also why is the blue goo so small it was germinated a week before the others and yet its the smallest.

    I put a water bottle next to plants to allow for size comparison it is a 16.9oz bottle.



    Blue goo^
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    I'm not familiar with Blue Goo, but different varities grow at different rates. Plus blue goo may be an indica, while your bag seeds might be sativa's. I know most of the commercial stuff that comes my way is Mexican crap weed, and they have lots of sativa in it.

    Your plants do look healthy, although if you are needing to stake them this early, you should probably move the light closer (I noticed your nodes have a bit of distance between them) and get a fan on them to strengthen the stem.
  3. The blue goo is staked up because when i checked on em last night it had fallen over not sure why. As you can see in the background i have a fan that i keep on low.
  4. It fell over because it is stretching for the light! Move it closer. I'm assuming you are using a floro light, and if so, get the top of that plant within 2"-3" of the light.
  5. Also, wHat kind of wattage are you pushing? It looks like you need more light from your pics

  6. first post states that "this is my first grow under a 400 watt mh" not floros.
  7. Sorry about missing that. Stilll, your plant is stretching. You wanted an opinion, mine is move it closer to the light. It should be able to withstand being within 4"-5" inches of the MH.

    Hope this helps.
  8. I also noticed that your soil level is low enough, you could add some more around the base of the plant to help support it more.
  9. thanks for the replies.

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