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  1. So, I have been smoking weed everyday for about 3 years now, but it's never hindered me from my goals. Honestly, I'm a really big hippy with really geeky habits. I am in college and get excellent grades, am on Student Council, and love to learn and do outdoorsy thing, but I also have a lot of friends, do many drugs, and believe in free love to an extent. You would think it's the perfect balance, but I suppose I just don't fit into to one guys "type". I was with a really geeky guy who I could really achieve my goals with, but he did not get me on my open-minded spiritual level and did not smoke. Then I was with my hippie soul-mate who I could smoke with and have deeper conversations with, but did not care much about the future or making the world a better place. I gave each of them my all, but neither of them could accept the opposing half of me. I don't fee like I'm "two different people" I'm just me. I am eclectic and only believe in bettering myself and having a balanced life.
    Anyways, I know there are plenty of driven, successful stoners out there, and I just wonder if I'll ever find one to share my lifestyle with.
    Any other loner stoners out there looking for love in all the wrong places?

  2. Yea keep lookin were all a bunch of trolls on here
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    I feel you on this. Seems to always be one or the other, huh?
  4. In high school, I dated a ton of going-nowhere stoner types, but since it was high school, it wasn't like it really mattered if they were going anywhere or not. It was purely for fun. I feel you, though. I can't seem to find someone who is just right for me. Oh well, we're still young :)
  5. @[member="Art of Noise"] Exactly! And I hate the stereotype that all stoners all lazy, because they are not, but I totally get why people believe it. I know few guys who smoke pot who are really working towards something.
  6. what exactly do you mean by free love? 
  7. @[member="urbal"] Well, I think that if you aren't in a committed relationship, and practice safe-sex, you should be free to sleep with whoever you want without fear of being "slut-shamed". Sex is a beautiful, natural, fun thing that everyone likes. There's no harm in open sexuality if you are honest and upfront, and doing it because you truly want to. 
    I also think that if I am in a relationship, my boyfriend should be open to trying new things, and understand that I may or may not want to bring other ladies into our bed. I certainly would respect our relationship and not be intimate with other men, and expect him to respect me the same, but if we both were to agree on a chick we both wanted to fool around with at the same time, well, there's no harm in that!
  8. I'm a going nowhere type, I just stay at whatever job pays me enough to stay high.
    There, my blunt honesty should redeem me of any faults in your eyes. 
  9. @[member="Mac D Rockefeller"] LOL "blunt honesty"
  10. You could be my Jasmine and I could be your Aladdin. ;)
  11. I can't imagine a stoner girl with geeky tendencies in this day and age as having trouble finding anyone to date. How many skeletons are in your closet?
  12. @[member="-Martyr"] Well, I don't have many. I've always been a pretty positive person, and any adversities I have overcome I am not afraid to talk about. I don't think I'm perfect by any means, but I also don't think there's anything that wrong with me. I talk a lot and swear like a sailor, grew up dirt poor and moved out of my parents house when I was 16, and I have ADHD like no other, but I hardly think those are major character flaws.
  13. If you live in austin texas we could talk business, if not then my only advice is to keep looking! There's somebody out there for everyone! Sent from my burner
  14. Well i think this openness which is fine and dandy by me,might be the reason you not finding the right fella. Most dudes wouldn't actually want that i reckonSent from my GT-S5360 using Grasscity Forum mobile app
  15. or or instead of looking to someone else to make you happy you make yourself happy first. Then if it happens it happens . Its in the hands of fate
    remember my children love comes from withen.
  16. Why dont we just try being friends first. Get to know each other a little better before we go rushing off into a relationship. We can still have sex though(Lots of it) ï¼ˆâ—‹ã‚œÎµï¼¾â—‹ï¼‰You seem really pretty alright ï¼ˆ*^ω^)人(^ω^*)
  17. I've never bought into that BS about loving yourself before you can love another. 
  18. Need more pics then maybe we can talk.
  19. [quote name="Nerd139" post="19454800" timestamp="1391386171"]Why dont we just try being friends first.We can still have sex though(Lots of it) [/quote]

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