looking for good, cheap place to go camping/hiking within 4h of CT

Discussion in 'General' started by chiefMOJOrisin, Jul 24, 2007.

  1. I've always loved the outdoors and everything that has to do with nature. i love every living thing except humans. i've been dealin with a lot of stress recently (and not so recently) and i NEED to get away.

    i've gone camping alone before and i absolutly loved it. i love being alone in the middle of the forest... letting nature come to me.

    i live in stratford, ct... which is on the water (southwest) and about 75 minutes from NYC and less to the border. i'm looking for a good place to go camping, which is less than 4 hours away (only because i have just the weekend and i dont wanna spend time driving that could be spent hiking).

    it has to be relatively cheap. i prefer i place where i can hike the woods and find my own place to camp. however, i am not opposed to campgrounds that have a bunch of sites set up. although, that kinda defeats my purpose of being alone in the middle of nowhere. i dont want a campsite that is 10 yards away from the next site. my goal is to be alone and to take in nature.... i dont want to be around a family with annoying kids that brought everything besides the walls of their house.

    i was thinking about mount washington or somewhere in the presidential range. wherever it may be that i go, there has to be a lot of hiking (not necessarily trails) where i can walk for hours and not bump into either people or civilization.

    fishing is a plus.

    money is probably the most important factor besides the secludedness <--(not sure if thats a word).

    does anyone know of anything that fits my criterion?? or something that is close to what i'm looking for?? i really want to go before the summers over. preferably before sept. 6th... which is when i graduate electrical school and when i move into my new place.

    i have everything i need supplies-wise. just not a place to go. any suggestions will help a lot.

    btw... it goes without saying that i'll be puffin..... so perhaps a family oriented place should be omitted from consideration. also because i hate kids.

  2. anyone ever heard of Woodford State Park in Vermont?? thats my leading candidate so far
  3. id recommend lake george but its over 4 h away. im going up to NH myself in a few weeks to do the same thing
  4. adirondack mtns NY
  5. Go camping in Rhode Island, they have some really nice places and it's not far at all. hammonasset state park in Madison is nice, but it's your average campground. Honestly if you want real camping hit up New Hampshire, or Maine, that's where I always used to go. :)
  6. Anytime I go camping, I never have a destination in mind. I just drive forever until I find a spot that looks cool.
  7. I've actually been to hammonasset (spelling) a few times when i was younger. my best friend and his family brought me there like 5 years ago.... i dont remember much about it besides the tall pine trees that have nothing but trunk for like 50 feet before any foliage.... and the beach is pretty close.

    wear are u in CT jolly?? (forgive me if we've had this convo before...ganj-memory)

    as of now.... i think i'm gonna go to woodford state park in vermont. its either in or surrounded by green mountain national forest. theres a lake there... obviously hiking... and all the stuff that goes with those things. theres a 2.7 mile trail that encircles the lake. best part....... 16$ a night. however...i do believe it is the basic campground set up. i'm willing to deal with that cuz of green mountain national forest. the campground map shows that it is right across the lake (adams reservoir) or en extremly short walk/drive away. the forest is 375,000+ acres of preserved forest... i'd like to get lost in there for a day..........
  8. I live where 9 and 95 intersect :p
  9. Watch the weather in NH & VT,

    I was going to hike up mt washington and a few other mountains in the presidential range tomorrow through sunday- I had the vacation days in and everything.

    Until I saw the weather- supposed to rain, be windy, thunderstorms.

  10. that bites. i plan on going the weekend of august 17th.

    i actually did mount washington a few years back and the temp difference at the top and bottom (80 ground-44 summit) caused soooo much cloud cover at the top that i couldnt see the person standing 2 feet in front of me. looking out of the lodge on the summit was pointless..... the windows could have been walls painted white thats how foggy it was.

    imo.... half the enjoyment is taking a good view from the top at what u just conquered and how high u are above everything around u. i love looking out into the next state when the border is an hour away.

    did u plan on doing the whole presidential range in one trip?? thats a good hike. i did that last year.... one peak one day... then camp out with mother nature.... then do the next peak in line the next morning..and so on. its such a good feeling when u get to the top of the last peak. and often a horrible feeling in ur body on the way down the last one :D
  11. aahh... essex/new london area?? i go to ocean beach once a year
  12. you live in CT steer clear of strawberry par

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