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    Hello all:

    I am working on a concept for a website which is in its very first stage of development. I am hoping to create a content-based blog which will focus on journalism, research, and creativity. Some similar sites could be VICE, Tree Hugger, HE, 1x.com, Mother Nature Network, etc. My goal is to take an interesting aspect of each of these sites and publish a constant stream of interesting and relevant information.

    About me: I am a 22 year old, nature-loving, kayaking, photographer, full-time business analyst, part-time philosopher. Located in Morgantown WV
    I have come up with a few ideas, but these are up for discussion among those who I end up working with. Some of my ideas have to do with reforestation efforts, sustainability, environmental concerns, photography, event journalism(photo, video, article), etc. I am open to all new ideas and discussion.

    I am looking for a few individuals to help with the efforts and create a team and hopefully a culture that can eventually be a self-sustaining revenue stream and source of new information. Revenue generation is something that will come later and I don’t expect a great weekly time commitment for this due to the division of labor I am trying to achieve. This will not be an overnight process and I am looking not only for individuals who want to join this movement, but also individuals who want to contribute and help to shape the idea into a cohesive unit. I will not choose partners until the correct ones turn up, but I am confident that individuals on this site would be a great fit given the like-mindedness to this cause.

    I need to find one individual with skills in each of the following: (It is ok if you don’t have all the skills listed, I encourage anyone to express their interest and a spot can be found). I will be managing the financial/operations aspect of the site such as tax information, licensing, revenue stream, etc. Myself, along with SM/M, IT/Web, and Editor will essentially “manage” the operations of the site.

    · Social Media/Marketing – Promote posts and content on Facebook, twitter, and to other important parties such as related blogs. Work with financial on advertising opportunities and strategy. Google SEO.
    · IT/Web Design – Creation of bulk of website functionality and design. Necessary skills include minor coding, Photo Editing, Video Editing, Graphic Design, etc.
    · Editor/s – Final step in article upload process. Review article for content, quality, and relevance. Publish to site.
    Note: All above parties may act as writers as well. All above parties will collaborate on mission and direction.
    · Writers – Create interesting and relevant content in one of the areas of publishing. Cite all information that has been taken from a source. Document events through text, photo, and video.
    I encourage anyone with even the slightest hint of interest to contact me with ideas, interests, skills, resume, etc. I have been searching for a site like this myself and I have taken it upon myself as a goal to create it. I will not work with just anyone, as I want to ensure that the content is of the highest quality possible, but I am very diligent in finding partners to work with. I have received slight interest elsewhere but I wanted to reach all interested parties before making a decision.

    I can be contacted at c.shultz@live.com or through a direct message.

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