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Discussion in 'Sick Plants and Problems' started by DankosaurusRex, Aug 27, 2007.

  1. Can You Give Me An Opinoin On These Plants? We've been growing them randomly in my friends back yard. We were wondering if anyone can determine the sex of these plants and weather or not you think we can get some buds.

    Plant #1: 6 months growing : 2ft tall : no stench : 3 leaves only : little white hairs : indoor for 4 months of the grow


    Plant #2: Growing strong outside for 1 1/2 months : 3 ft tall : 7 leaves : no hairs : smells like some stanky :



  2. In the second picture that's a girl and those are gonna be buds. Your looking for white hairs like that for a female. The boys have sacks of pollen that look like balls.
  3. Its hard to just predict because it depends on alot of things.
    How much direct sunlight does it get per day? Are you going to be feeding it fertilizers? You definetly should. I use FoxFarm Tiger Bloom its working good for me.
    Where abouts in the US? do you live cus depending on climate thats probably gonna be when you harvest
    Shes pretty small for 6 months but she looks good.

    Atleast an ounce.

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