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Looking for advice.

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Canada x 420, Apr 23, 2010.

  1. Hey blades of Gc i have been smoking for about 2 years now and im looking for some advice on my current situation.

    So last friday i picked up a quad of some grapefruit kush (delicious) and have been smoking it all week.

    I work a job at a retail store and i was training a new employee (im 18 and he's turning 19) and we got onto the subject of weed.

    I told him that i smoked and he said that he also did. He also said that around a week and a half ago he chopped a pound of Grapefruit kush. (this was before i said anything about the grapefruit kush i got). He mentioned that he has more of it and can hook me up with it cheap. REAL CHEAP. because he has to get rid of it. he said 100 bones an oz. And for dank this is almost an unbelieveable price.

    That's the problem it sounds just too good to be true.

    So i asked him to stop by the store the next day i work. (Tomorrow) and that i would buy a dub off of him. I just want to check the quality and make sure its the same bud that i have now.

    So im wondering if this deal he is offering is just too good to be true.

    (he told me that he gets it 75$ an oz and there are very few people between him and the grower. Thats how he can sell it so cheap because hes making 25 bucks instantly an oz with little to no work)

    So i just want to know if this deal is too good to be true or not?

    Oh and lastly me and another guy are planning to go in together on this and hes a massive guy who you do NOT want to fuck over so i don't think he would try to rip us off.

    I would appreciate any opinions on the situation. Thanks
  2. Why would he want to only make $25 when he could make upwards of atleast $200? Sounds a little fishy but I would check it out.
  3. I agree it sounds suspicious and im being cautious about trusting him.

    But the point is it that it is very low risk for him. Its a free 25$ just going to him to someone else.

    he doesn't deal in nicks and dimes if you know what i mean.
  4. He could easily charge 275/onion if it is legit. I mean I guess it is a free 25$ but it could be a free $200, you know.
  5. Yeah man thats a big reason why im wondering why hes offering it to me for 100 bones an oz.

    I mean if hes legit and the bud is the same as i have now i could have a big profit...
  6. Bump

    I need some advice on this guys.

    (maybe this would have worked better in the seasoned tokers section....they are a font of knowledge)

  7. i know growers, and none of them sell anything for 75 a zip.

    it makes no sense.

    but remember this, when it comes to weed : if its too good to be true, it probly is. he could be a felon tryin to set you up. just be smart.
  8. You can't talk about dealing on here.
  9. Thanks i mean i do work with him.

    The store i work at does police checks so i am pretty sure he is not a felon.

    and i was thinking that things just didn't add up. But it is such a good offer i don't want to turn it down on the chance that it is legit
  10. google his name lolz

  11. true true, just be smart homie
  12. Some dealers are honest. It costs about $10/ounce to grow, so that price is actually a lot closer to what it should be than the ripoff prices most people charge.

    Check it out, see if it's legit, but sure I can see that. I know people who sell top notch bud for around that price.
  13. #13 Canada x 420, Apr 24, 2010
    Last edited by a moderator: Apr 24, 2010
    you can't ask for hookups or about trying to sell.

    I not doing either of them.

    i'm asking for advice....jeez

  14. Seriously, you're just asking for advice about something that made you feel a bit suspicious. I'm not sure why iSyn got a stick up his ass about it :)
  15. Thanks.

    I am definately going to check it out.

    And its a bit of reassurance to know that others also find dank around that price.

    edit: 420th post!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  16. It just doesn't make sense in general. Like everyone else is saying he could get so much more. I know if I could get it at $75 an oz I wouldn't be working at a retail store. ;)
  17. Well guys turns out the guy was just completely just full of shit.

    He was all talk but when it came time to actually deliver he never showed. honestly i can't believe how much this guy lied to me and my buddy.

    He literally looked into my eyes and lied straight to my face just to seem cool.

    Man i am happy i didn't tell anyone else except GC about my possible new hookup.

    Well thanks anyway blades

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