Looking for a World of Warcraft newbie

Discussion in 'Gamer's Heartbeat' started by wallywally, Nov 2, 2013.

  1. Hey fellow blades, I've used this site many times for mmj growing and production, but I was wondering if they had a game's section, and they did! So my question is...anyone out there who hasn't ever played world of warcraft and would like to try or someone who has played but is starting fresh??? Only reason I ask is because they have a deal where you get a bunch of (shared) perks if you play with, and lvl with, a new account. Anyways let me know cuz we would be able to level REALLY fast and get to the endgame in a snap, and its fun ;) ...I'm on Draka Realm - Alliance.

  2. Yo, I played before, but I'd still be down. I live west coast of canada so don't know how good are times will be as I cant play all the time. but everyday fpr a couple hours. Let me know
  3. Yo, I played before, but I'd still be down. I been wanting to get back into it just not without raf so this is perfect. Let me know
  4. Hey man, ya lets do RaF. We'll lvl up incredibly fast! Whenever ur ready, message me your email so I can forward you the RaF email with the link, then we can start.

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