Looking for a portable vaporizer?

Discussion in 'Vaporizers' started by Dragoncx, Dec 3, 2016.

  1. Like I want a pen or something like that. Something I can take out side and use. Thanks.
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    this one works really well but doesnt hold a charge for very long and doesn't hold a lot of herb, and has a full digital passthrough so you can use it while charging without damaging the output drain of the battery
    V2 Pro Series 7 Premium 3 in 1 Black Kit+FREE Acrylic/Magnet Grinder Ass Colors | eBay

    This is my favorite though, and i use it on a daily basis, is also cheaper but cant do as many things feature wise
    Pax 2 Portable Vape Free Priority Shipping USPS 5 color options. | eBay

    Those are by far the two best hand held vapes ive used....the pen ones are largely TERRIBLE, the V2 hits a little better, but like i said, battery isn't nearly as long lasting as the PAX, and it doesnt hold as much herb either. BUT, the V2 has wax, and e liquid interchangeable cartiges (sold seperately, the wax catrige is fucking rediculous, will put you on your ass in one rip) But both rip pretty good for dry herb, they WILL make you choke pretty easily.

    At home, i just tend to use my cheap chinese made box vape, i got a good one so its all i need, although i still like myself a nice fat bong rip every now and then

    AVOID the ~$10~ "dry herb vaporizers chambers" that stick on ego batteries, they dont vape, ever, all they do it cherry your shit and combust it, they're fancy electric pipes at best, they rip, but it isnt vapor
  3. I truly wish they would legalize the Bud soon, I would love the vaporizer, in New Orleans well Louisiana as a whole the new governor okayed the medical aspect of it, but not recreational so I would not know where to buy it.
  4. X-max v2 pro. Really great pen/cigar style vape that uses convection.
    Also, like Dynalowrider said, check out fuckcombustiondotcom. They know vapes.
  5. I bought a Smok Koopor Primus (300w!!!) a Cloud Beast Tank for vaping and a Mig Vapor Black Sub Herb for dry herb. And I am really loving this setup. After one day I'm sold on the mod+tank setup

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  6. I was recently gifted the Davinci IQ, and I must say it is quite impressive. Words aren't enough to explain the greatness. She's new, but handles like a veteran.
  7. I have a magic flight and I love it (especially with the PA for my car) but I just looked this up because I never heard of it. That shit looks amazing!

    That's the only thing I don't like about grasscity...I end up spending hella money after browsing the forums.
  8. Hahaha it will blow you away. You really get what you pay for when you buy the IQ. Impeccable quality.
  9. I just spent $400 on the herbalizer (I love it btw). So "you get what you pay for" has never been a truer statement in my life. I gotta chill with spending money on the vapes, but I will definitely get that DavinciIQ shit in the near future. What convinced you to buy it?
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    I just googled herbalizer and that looks amazing! The IQ was given to me as a gift, and I couldn't be happier. It fits into my pocket, looks sleek and stylish, and gives me a top notch experience each and every session. A very discreet, and nicely weighted device. It just feels good holding it haha. And from what I've read, the parts that make up the davinci are all high quality materials. Not to mention it comes with a 10 year warranty! I'm extremely satisfied with the IQ. Cheers to that

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