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Looking for a perc 800$ to spend

Discussion in 'Bongs, Dab Rigs, Bubblers, Water Pipes' started by d3a1, May 16, 2010.

  1. Just trying to help but that is actually a good price for a TORO:smoke:. unless u know a better and if you do let me know cause i was looking at getting one two :wave:
    Height: 18"
    Joint Size: 18.8mm
    Style: Straight tube, Fixed stem, Disc Diffuser, Ice pinches

    I think this is the cheapest place check out this video of the disc diffuser I found this online

    [ame=]YouTube - GLASS DISTRICT DOT COM // Toro Disk Diffuser[/ame]

  2. Merlin 5.0 - Perc - Bong

    Glass : Schott Duran

    High : 55 cm
    Diameter : 60 mm
    Wall thicknes : 5.0 mm

    Perculator System 4 Percs - 12 Holes
    Usable Perc height : 8 cm

    Logo sandblasted

    Chillum - Bistabile - d18.8 in 2 -parts - incl. blue anti roll

    Carbe Hole : selectablly

    299€ ;) German Glassblower ;) I use a Merlin-Bong 5.0 50cm its :hello:

    Merlin-Bong - Merlin 5.0 Perc

  3. Ok thx and yeah I got a 500$ red eye glass tripple perc with a splash guard ice pinch 5mm thick 2 feet tall, bag ashcatcher, 2 bomb bowls and 2 extra down stems and 3 months worth of bong cleaner and now I wana spend alot on 1 nice bong like a sg mainly if not a 13/9 fixed stem toro mayb or a hvy inline 10arm perc for 340 on ALT
  4. :confused::confused::confused:

    500 for red eye, all i've seen from them was like shitty shit. I know you said you got a bunch of stuff with it....but 500, you could have gotten SOOO Much better stuff!!!!!

    why made you choose that?
  5. im gonna say... Toro, fucking crazy luke wilson, Sg, or itza... hell you could get a sweet custom tube for that much
  6. he already got some redeye.....why i do not know.

    terrible choice dude, sorry not to be an ass, but that is a horrible decision
  7. goto ALT and see if you can find a Toro or Sovereignty...though i think SG is running low at the moment. To be honest, Toro is the hardest, fastest ripping bong on the market
  8. Why'd the OP even start this thread? He didn't even LISTEN to a word anyone said.

    Is a red eye even close to a Toro? Or even on the same level of high end glass.... NO!

    So op why'd you waste everyones time.

  9. gotta be honest with you man...that was a terrible buy...but if ur happy enjoy it..jesus hahaha
  10. For 800 you could have gotten a bomb sg, toro, lw and could have had it worked too!
  11. you ask a question, we all go out and out of our time do research for ya and you completely disregard it and buy a shit piece, but whatever, i don't really care come to think about it, he's the one that lost 500 bucks and got a crappy tube, i'll never sesh w/ him anyways so doesn't affect me, or any of us, we should just let this thread die out

  12. haha well said
  13. Lol money well spent...
  14. Lol, be sure and un-invite him from your birthday at McDonalds too :D!
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    You got some fuckin options with 800$, thats for sure.

    Guess you failed. Sucks for you man.

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