Looking for a perc 800$ to spend

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  1. somithing like a toro, Up to 800$ for it and shipping to canada must be 5-7mm
    Post pics or links
  2. Do you want SICK fucking Artwork or Amazing diffusion/function....or a middleground
  3. I say get that diffusion and function!!!! Check out ALT for many amazing pieces, for example a toro (fullmeltglass) or luke wilson (ALT) would serve you well brotha. I personally recommend the toro 7/13 or less with trashcatcher, or double inline triple ten tree LW
  4. you should go to a glass market forum and try to get a deal on a worked pillar perc from Sovereignty Glass. That is my current dream tube...
  5. Haha, that was actually my same thinking. ^^^

    Sovereignty ftw.
  6. a pillar seems to be slightly out of your price range, and I'm not too familiar with sg prices but those gridcap/8's look reallllly good
  7. Show me links or pics and yes
    I am verry interested in the 7/13 toro and I was guna buy a nice ash catcher for it for sure, but I havent dont much research on bongs since im a grower
  8. yes to what? is asked a question w/ three answers and you just said yes. And you are NOT allowed to post links, why does every single person ask for links to be posted when they are against the GC rules
  9. That's gonna be more than 800 dollars, and good luck finding one
  10. yeah a clear pillar costs 900 new, soo a worked would be wayyy more.
  11. Thaught u were saying that u had all 3 of them for sale
  12. No one els has any thing?
  13. Just check EDIT and ALT and see if you like what they have. If so, buy it. If not, look elsewhere (an actual headshop or something).

    If you're spending $800 dont let us choose for you - choose for yourself!
  14. Whats ALT? and I know im just looking for bong brands or bongs that ppl have for sale looking for sumthing I like
  15. get an account on boromarket
    if you have 800 you can get whatever you want.
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    OR 380.97 U.S minis THE UK TAX

    there prices on the site already include the tax

  17. Thats retarded pricing
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    Toro Circ/Circ will cost you 750 about...SG's anywhere from 4+ range IF you can get one, you got luke wilson and also Syn Showerhead tubes also cringe worthy but Illadelphs as well :p.

    Also Hops, Hamm, Micah, SGW there is all sorts of different percs to choose from just saying "I got 800 dollars to spend" is waaaaaaay to open of a question to ask any serious glasshead....check out BFG for realz man, should help you out in your quest.

    We can sit here all day and suggest a tube to you but in the end its YOUR tube not OUR tube. You need to find one you like the best.
  19. Man if only you were looking for this like 2 weeks ago. On ALT there was a Luke Wilson 3 10 arm tree perc section, to a double gridded inline for $800 flat. For $800 you should definitely be looking at bongs such as SG, Toro, SGW, Luke Wilson and really anything else high end. Please dont be one of those people who just drop 500+ on a bong just because it has 2 tree percs and a "sick" ashcatcher.

    Half the people buying glass pay wayyyyy too much for a bong thats barely worth the gum on my shoe. Good luck though, with $800 you should be finding a bong that will last you for a long time to come :hello:

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