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  1. i am looking for a new car when i get back home. i have owned cars trucks and suvs and do not ever plan to own a van so dont even say that.

    i am looking at the fallowing

    2006 silverado quad cab short bed. v8 auto
    2003 s10 ext cab 4.3 auto
    2005 ranger ext cab

    2007 trailblazer 4.0 auto

    2007 cobolt ss 2.2 4 banger with turbo.

    what would you pick out of those?
  2. you kidding?

    how does an 03 s10 or 05 ranger compare to a 07 trailblazer or 07 cobolt?

    id go with the trailblazer..

    i myself have a 99 gsx eclipse

    so im not hating on the colbolt but those aint cool .
  3. i'd strongly suggest going with a foreign vehicle,,,

    a mazda,,,toyota,,,nissan,,,,mitsubishi,,,,e.t.c.

    they are more reliable vehicles,,,,

    the jap's can build a damn good car,,,:cool:
  4. this as well

    i was assuming he had already expressed interest in those cars and was set on one of them for maybe some sort of personal reason (only likes american etc)

    but if you could go with a foreign car do that forsure
  5. yea but imports arent my thing. i like to work on my own cars and every import i worked on i cant get ym hand in to the motors. lol.

    i am leaning to the silverado the most.

  6. yeah i mean the silverado would be straight

    but i would hate to own a silverado and have to drive by trucks like


  7. I'd actually prefer an S10 or a Ranger over a larger truck.

    Personally though I prefer driving a stick. Apparently I also like to make homosexual statements... and then apparently I like to be politically correct too.

    they can be worked on,,, and i do understand what your saying,,,

    ...why buy something real new...

    a old ride that you gotta do a little work on,,,,

    is the best ride you can get....

    '' one you gotta put some love in it before you enjoy it ''

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    those are nice but id rather pull up like this

    not a 4x4 tho it was the first good pic in google
  10. If you want an American truck...

    Go big or go home.


  11. lol

    to each his own


    LOL :wave:
  12. id rather have a stick but if they have a auto when i get there ill take that

    im looking for some thing new cuz im not buying it. my grandma is and she wants me to get some thing newer.

    and i was looking at the f650 but i dont want to spend 75 grand on a truck then spend 500 a week on gas
  13. [​IMG]

    nice you have one of those. is your nice? or is it a hoopty?
  14. id polly rock that eclipse and thats about the only rice id drive
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    None of those. Get one of these. Hey, it probably weighs as much and has more power than any of those trucks :p

  16. course its nice...looks a little similar to that one

    want pics?

    although i dont see why you would say no im hoping you do so i dont have to put them on tinypic one by one...


    by rice i hope you just mean japanese

    not in terms of performance type of rice
  17. lol, or you can use flickr, sign up for an account, then you can multiple upload, along with photobucket.

  18. i just dont want this.



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    none on that list sorry


    ford lightning (even though i hate ford)
    jeep srt-8 grand cherokee (fast)
    chevy silverado ss
    infiniti fx 35

    interested in a car
    03 cobra

    something more luxorious

    cadilac cts
    altima or maxima as long as its the 3.5
    or acura tls

    and of course there is the sierra denali

    my fav


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