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  1. Hey everyone! I just grew a Amnesia Haze Auto Flower and tried some last night and it was just way to strong for me. I have what I believe to be a low tolerance for the head high. I am looking to try maybe this strain. have any of you guys tried this or heard anything about this?

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    Any help would be appreciated.
  2. I'd advise against that strain if you want to get high at all. CBD strains are for people who either don't want the thc high, or need cbd for medical reasons. cbd almost completely destroys the thc high, and if you're getting too high from that Haze, the simple solution is to use less. If you do decide to get this strain, you can't do better than dinafem.
  3. Thanks for the reply. I remember back in the day I tried to smoke some and it had basically the same effect on me. I am just looking for something that will relax me and still be able to function. This Haze smoke I have now just made me completely out of it. I couldn't even stand up. What would you say would be the equivalent to this low thc strain, like would it be the same as getting slightly drunk lol?
  4. The main issue is that for roughly equal amounts of thc and cbd, you probably won't get a thc high at all. Most people report relaxation and well being from cbd, so it is very healthy, and is probably worth a non-high try. If you want to get the benefits of thc, cbd, other cannabinoids and terpenes, without getting high then that cbd white widow is an excellent strain. If you do want a small thc high, and still be able to function, then just use tiny amounts of smoke from any strain. You can make the high as small as you want. Haze is pretty stout stuff, so it's understandable that it blew you away. White widow is usually an indica dominant hybrid, and it might make you sleepy.
  5. awesome info bro. Yea I think I might try this white widow strain. I thought indica was suppose to make you feel more up and about compared to sativa?
  6. No, sativas are considered "uplifting" and indicas relaxing or sedative. Sativa dominant hybrids are nice during the day, indicas and indica hybrids good for sleep. Only trial and error can get us optimally medicated.
  7. ok so this white widow strain should give me a more relaxing effect without the head high then right?
  8. That's what I would expect for the average person. For some of us, at certain doses, it has the opposite effect. I get manic and can't sleep if I use cbd.
  9. white widow is a polyhybrid bred exclusively for psychoactive potency. this is white widow crossed to a cbd dominant ruderalis strain, so it might be a little less intense. but if you had a bad reaction with an auto amnesia and you don't like an intense head high, I'd go with something that doesn't have white widow in it.

    if you don't like an intense head high, look for a less hybridized indica strain. if it needs to be an autoflower, look for something basic like an afghan auto.
  10. I am now looking at this one. This has been recommended to me by a few ppl. What you think?
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  11. critical is a high yielding indica dominant hybrid with a very classic skunk, middle of the road psychoactive effect. I think this will be a better option for a less heady strain.
    critical is used by breeders to increase yields in crosses without much affect to the other characteristics. this strain should be dominant towards the autoflowering cbd strain the critical is crossed with.

    I think this will be a better option for you. the critical shouldn't have an intense head high, and you should get a good sense of the medical attributes of a plant with cbd.
  12. Thanks that is what most ppl are telling me. I will more than likely be purchasing this one.
  13. no problem man. also, seedsman is a reliable seed bank. I've used them 3-4 times with good results.
  14. Yea I am now looking around at other seed banks to see if they offer deals but really no luck so far.

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