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Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by kindguy, May 2, 2002.

  1. Hello does anyone know a link or the link to the site about the Rotating Hydro setup that can hold 100+ plants and uses thre main ballasts? The site also had another cool looking hydro setup But I forgot their names.
  2. Its here in one of these posts somewhere. Someone linked it up here about three weeks ago. Hope you find it!
  3. Do you happen to know where it might be? Whether in the growing forum or in the recreational room?
  4. If you find it be sure to post it agin please cuz i will need one my self :)

  5. Try to remember something exact out of the post if possible,,,then Search I guess...

  6. It was here in general growing but may have been moved to the indoor forum or the pic forum in growing.

    You are talking about the huge $3000 machine that looks like a big plastic drum with lights in the center and the plants rotate around them. 've seen the link but can't remember who posted it.
  7. Yea,,I remember seeing it,but that's as far as It gets,,I myself did not move it from the general forum though,,so it may be still there...somewhere...

  8. Cheers kindguy...


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