Looking for a high similar to alcohol

Discussion in 'General' started by bubrat, May 19, 2006.

  1. I'm an alcoholic, so I can't drink, but I would like to find something that would give me a high comparable to that I experienced when I first started drinking. This would be something that makes you feel relaxed, happy, carefree, a bit silly, and more sociable but not obnoxiously sociable. The main thing is it needs to be something that doesn't make me sleepy (I like to be awake if I'm high) and doesn't give me a feeling that I'm not even in the world. I was able to have normal conversations and think normally, although more emotionally. It wasn't like when I was on pot and had weird thoughts and images. I don't like those.

    Is there anything you can lace pot with that would give me this sort of high? Pot doesn't give me the same feeling as alcohol but if I could mix it with something that would be like feeling drunk, that would be great.
  2. lower amounts of dxm makes me feel kind of buzzed, give that a try.
  3. nutmeg is like being drunk kinda, also some people say a low amount of dmx is simmilar to being drunk..say pop 20 pills you'll feel tipsey

    edit: pirtdica man you beat me to it
  4. If you're trying to get over alcoholism, replacing one habit with another will do you no good, plus alcohol alternatives are usually more harmful than alcohol itself (ghb).

  5. Yeah I heard, ghb can give alcohol like effects. I would look into alot before you decide to do it though.
  6. liquid g is nice with some e.
  7. so he doesn't want to drink alcohol, so you reccomend he does ghb? that's fuckin' brilliant.

  8. Lol :smoke:
  9. yea, ghb does give u a nice drunk feeling. The thing is, a few drops of it and u're feeling good, but if u take too much, u can end up in a coma

  10. Or raped :eek:

  11. Lol:smoke:
  12. poor up some purple drank with some sprite and jolly ranchers in a cup, that'll get you a drunk like fucked up

    or you can drink put ether in ur drink n drink that, but its not gonna be pleasant

  13. i forgot all about that liquid codeine...oh how i miss it
  14. nutmeg isnt for a social situation. i have been high off nutmeg a few times. it will make your ass go to sleep. and if you stay awake, your mind will wander and you will look bored. in other words, dont use nutmeg for social get-togethers and the likes.
  15. Im an alcoholic.

    Im bout to get drunk.
  16. Good luck!
  17. if you ask me, you shouldn't be looking for anything to get fucked up on. if you've gotten addicted to one substance, chances are you aren't going to be able to control yourself come another.
  18. I already know this, but my partner loves smoking weed and I eventually will have to be around it. I have no choice about this. I am sure my brain will be fried 20 years from now, but better pot and a fried brain for 20 years than death by alcohol in a year.
  19. i feel sorry for you.

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