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  1. Im looking into getting a G-pen or Cloud vaporizer. Do any of you guys have experience with those? I've heard they break pretty easy but i like the idea of being able to smoke wherever and it being portable. Also do they smell like if you were just to smoke a bowl? Alsoo do they get you pretty high and their made only for wax and hash right? thanks

  2. what the benefit of cloud vaporizer and how its differ from [SIZE=11pt]Silver Surfer vaporizer[/SIZE][SIZE=11pt] ?[/SIZE]
  3. Cloud vape is a pen for concentrates.  I only vape concentrates, no flowers for me, they go straight into my bong bowl.
    Currently own the cloud chrome.  I love this pen, however, it is my to-go pen.  I mean, for its price, I have no complaints.  It rips hard and barely smells (I remember ripping it in the back of class during lectures with my friends.).  It also helps you save money, it takes 5-7 drags for me to kill a small ball of wax.  Make sure you ONLY use fullmelt concentrates in the cloud, it will break.  Also make sure you do not get ripped off with a fake cloud 2.0, some of these fakes have heating chambers iwth plastic, not ceramic, inside.  Keep it clean, clouds are very breakable.  I went through 2 heating chambers (14 bucks each) in two weeks because I let my little brother load it both times and he packed the wax on the wick and broke it.. dumbass..  
    If you have money, get the Atmos Raw or pax.  I heard the Atmos burns flowers, but I have not had a single problem while vaping my full melt concentrates.  I will sometimes think, "oh there aint shit left, victory hit!" then I'll take a drag and cough out a cloud that I haven't regretted my decision once.  I bought the Atmos because I liked the idea of being able to stick the pen into my downstem and taking a vape rip.  At home I use my Atmos Raw and freaking love it.  It connects with my diffused downstem so I can rip it out of a bong!  
    It is completely obvious which of the two products, the cloud/atmos, is a better quality vape.  For 65 bucks, however, the cloud is easily my personal preference when it comes to cheap, pen-style, vapes.  FATTY clouds that milk up your room in less than a few hits with very little (def not flower smelling) residual smell.  All smell/vapor evaporates within 10 minutes at most, even quicker while a window is open.  If you dont got 150$ to drop, get the cloud.  HELLA.  If your in Denver, I'm selling a cloud chrome for 30$ cuz I broke my bong XD  No scam, just 30 bucks short of a nice bong so hmu if you're a 303 native.
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    Yeah i think im going to get the cloud since its only like 65$ and can go anywhere with you, And i've never tried one before but does a couple ripps get you pretty high or is it for more of a buzz?

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