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  1. Im looking for a backpack i can use for reg use, and for my stuff, so needs to be padded and built sorta for both uses, any ideas? thanks in advance.

  2. [​IMG]
    Get one of these! Then the bag doesn't matter as much. These are durable as hell as heavy as a soda and look like the real deal, I got a coke can one. For added stealth throw some real soda in your bag lol.
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    Thanks dude, you added something to my college list. Is there a site for these?
  4. No problem, they have them on amazon. Also if you are rooming in college dorms add a smoke buddy to your list.   :smoking:
  5. Thanks again. I'm doing a gap year (going to college next year) I can't afford to slack around while i'm gapping. Trying to work two jobs and buy everything I'll need for the next four years. Problem is, when I do go to college, I won't know anyone there and how can I pick out a smoker? I'm sure it'll be obvious with some people though.
    your going to college, yet cant research stuff yourself? :p
  7. Glad I could help. Don't think you'll have trouble finding bud in college as long as your not talking police foundations lol.
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    I got one of these at accademy for 40 bucks three years ago and still use it every day. Great bag, it has a laptop spot where you can put a laptop or binders, two big open pockets and tons or pockets on the inside that zip and stuff for hiding things. mine even has a pocket on the side, i put stuff in it then zip it up and pull the zipper on the inside. that pocket has been undiscovered through MULTIPLE bag searches, just a thought. Don't pay 80 on amazon though, look for one on sale.
    edit: you can see the pocket on the bottom right.
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  9. I did google "Stash Can" and I came up with alot of stuff before I posted. I just needed to know if there was a site that has a variety of these babies. Stop blowing my high.  :smoke:
  10. I don't speak pig latin so you don't have to worry about me doing that.
  11. I don't know if it is an option but I have seen a lot of LHS with those stash cans as well, might save you some cash on shipping
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  12. Not looking for a stash can, looking for something to hold my pieces looks like only one blade even read my shit
    Thats possible but i want a bigger backpack that has good padding prefer something ment for it.

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  13. Lol, dude calm down and smoke something. Here's some links....
    I also tried to find a site that could let you make your own backpack, but I couldn't find anything except that you can add your own colors and logos and ish. Goodluck.
  14. i wasnt meaning to be an ass ha, my bad.
    thanks ! stash can was just way off..
  15. It's all good, didn't mean to highjack your thread though. You know us stoners, we kinda get carried away.  :bongin:
  16. I don't have a recommendation for a specific bag....you might check out backpacks for photo gear. They are seriously padded, and usually sectional so you can customize the interior to hold your gear.
    Check out B&H photo, Adorama and Freestyle Photo.
  17. yes and i think i found one! Dime bags check it out! an no your good dude, and i may check out photo ones too
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    Chrome messenger bag..
    Different sizes..
    Hidden seem pocket on under side..

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