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  1. im gonna purchase a 3x3 grow tent and run a 600w light. im gonna put 9 plants in it. Any suggestions on if 9 plants is ok? And any suggestions on what else i need, as in fans, filters, etc.

    Thank You In Advance For Your Help
  2. Yes you need fans and a filter. Exhaust fan, carbon filter, and small fan inside the tent to keep a breeze on the plants.
  3. Your lumens per square foot will be more than enough. So any amount of plants will work, as long as they fit in your tent you're good to go.
  4. would a 400w light work so i dont have to worry about heating issues? or should i stick with the 600w? so i basically need i small fan at the bottom blowing into the tent and one at the top blowing out right? and where does the carbon filter go?
  5. Sure, a 400w would work in a 3x3...but you would yield less obviously.

    As for ventilation, it varies. You should aim for something like this...


    tent air>>>carbon filter>>>inline fan>>>cooltube/light>>>out of tent through exhaust vent. \t\t
  6. if i use a 600w light would i need a cool tube? and im gonna be putting the tent in my room, u think its gonna be too hot and too loud?
  7. If you want to cover that entire 3x3 footprint (9 sq ft) then stick with the 600w, a 400w won't cover that entire area adequately. And at rule-of-thumb one plant per sq ft, 9 plants will fill that area.

    As for cool tube -- as I said, only trial-and-error will tell. The safe bet is to go ahead and get the cool tube to ensure you can control temps and to avoid buying twice.
  8. so i need to get a..

    1)600w cool tube grow light
    2)Carbon Filter
    3)incline fan
    4)exhaust fan

    ...any other suggestions? like what size pots? what strand is easy to grow, yet yields a good amount of fire?
  9. i have the same size tent as you,and i only use a 250w hps lamp,which i am doing ok with.too many lumens/sq ft isnt gud 4 plants,you cud also have a heat problem with 600 or 400w unless u use cfl lights or led`s. i use 11 litre pots,and u will only get 9 of these in your tent.so it will b sea of green style grow.not much spare room in there unless u use a small plant suited 2 sog.i have 6 plants in mine at various stages of growth.(i use auto`s,which dnt need 2 change light cycle)and its getting a bit tight in there now.i can get up 2 3 ounces off these small plants.you can only use the space youve got,use it wisely.as this is your 1st grow dnt go daft until you find your feet,try 4 auto`s first an u will see wot i mean about space. good luck pal.
  10. thank u for ur help. what are "autos"?. and im bein told by everyone that a 600w set up will yield the most.is there a big drop off if i run a 400w? or a 250w? im just making sure that what ever i run, that it ends good so i dont throw away my first grow.
  11. If you're in it to win it, go for the 600w. You could definitely get away with less, but like I said, your yield would suffer. Not to say your yield would be bad with a 400, just less. Really it all depends on how good you are at growing. You could get the 600w and yield less than a more experienced grower with a 400w in the same space.

    Autos are strains that begin flowering automatically, regardless of light schedule. They typically stay smaller and yield less, but finish a bit sooner.

    I hear a good beginner strain is northern lights. For pots, most people would recommend at least 3 gallons, but more space for roots will allow for potentially larger plants. You would probably want to start in a smaller pot and work your way up though.
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    Did you delete a similar post yesterday? Cause i responded to it, yet can't find it. Anyway, Unless you are growing auto's or very tiny plants, you will never get 9 plants in a 3x3 tent. I have a 3x3 tent and 2 plants fills my tent up completely. Check the links in my sig to see how crowded a 3x3 gets with only 2 mature plants in it. I would downsize your plans, or upsize your tent if you want to grow 9 plants. I don't say that to be a downer, just trying to show you that 3x really is not that much room. Gotta remember, you need room in there to work. If you cram it full of plants, you will never get access to the stuff in the back. Well, Good Luck to you. Peace.

    Here is a pic of my 2nd grow. 2 plants, near ready for harvest, in a 3x3 tent. See why I say you can't get 9 in there?

  13. thanks man, im starting to realize that i do need less plants. wouls a 400w light work for like 3 plants? i have my grow tent in my room in an apartment and would love to limit the noise froma fan always being on.... and r u doin a SOG?
  14. A 400 Light will do you just fine, thats what I use in mine. You should still have an extraction fan running in there full time. If not, your temps will get too high. I have a 400W cooltube and a 265CFM squirrel cage fan that pulls heat out of my tent 24/7. Runs all the time. My extraction chain goes like this. I have a carbon filter hanging at the top of the tent. Ducting goes from the filter to my cooltube. The ducting on the other end of the cooltube to my extraction fan which takes the air out of the tent. But you will be hard pressed to not use a fn if using any kind of HID light (MH or HPS).

    I did a SCROG, not a SOG. SCROG is screen of green. SOG is a different grow method and stands for Sea of Green. I use the screen because my tent is only 5' 3" high. So when I have the light in there, and the buckets, I only have about 3 feet of vertical room for the plants to grow. So using the screen helps me keep them from growing too tall and into the light. Scrogs are fun. Gives you something to do each day when you have to pull branches back under the screen and direct them where you want them to grow. I have not had a perfect scrog yet, but I am doing ok.

    Peace. :smoke:
  15. im new to this but am soaking stuff up like a spung, i got my 3x3x7 tent, and am ordering a 400w air cooled light. also gonna get a carbon filter, incline fan combo off ebay.

    whats the easiest way to grow for my first ever grow?

    i know alot of ppl that grow legally but they dont care to grow good fire marijuana, they just grow regular b grade marijuana so i dont really have an experienced person that i can consult.

    I was thinkin 4 plants oin 3 gallon pots. with some good soil and nutes.

    dont feel bad, u can explain it to my like im a tard. :)

    i was thinking of gettin some plants that r already growing and about to flower for my first grow. what do u think?
  16. and thank u very much for ur help.
  17. if u want 2 grow 4 plants,they wud av 2 be automatics coz they dnt grow big,or that bushy iether.its all about chosing the rite plant 2 fit your tent.if u get your seeds from a seed bank,it will tell you how tall the plant is likely 2 get,how long they take 2 flower,wot yield u can expect and thc content.some regular indica(medical mj)dnt grow so tall,but bushier than auto`s.2 of these wud probably be enough in your 3x3.if you got plants that were comin 2 flower,at least it wud get u going,i can tell u r itchin 2 get among it.u would av more time 2 get more advice or read up on the internet bout it all.which ever way u go,happy growing mate. ps use coco,its cushty(great)tackle.
  18. is coco soil? and iv think i have the whole process down except for my growing method,soil,nutes
  19. no,its not soil,but made from the outer husk of coconuts,all those matted hairs an stuff that they cut off coconuts and process it by steamin etc.it is free from parasites an germs,unlike soil.it is dead easy 2 grow in,but a nutrient called calmag shud b used as a supplement as coco absorbs calcium an magnesium an duz not readily release it 2 the plant.if u read AskEd`s thread on coco it tells u all about it.u av 2 flush it every now an agen 2 get rid of salts that build up which causes nute lockout.its gud stuff 2 grow in.if u read the threads on grasscity a bit more u will learn a lot quicker,i have only learned thro readin wot other growers are doin,but sometimes they contradict each other,so beware.get a book on the subject.happy growing.
  20. Peace. :smoke:

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