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Lookin 4 that Lux

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by longlungz, Aug 16, 2007.

  1. Aight, so OPM in Providence is waiting on back-ordered Lux's. Who knows another head shop within like an hour and a half drive that has 14in Lux tree-percs in stock? Fuck beantown cuz the prices...who knows a good place with a good price? Ive been waitin 4 too long, so plz help me out. I dont wanna hear any bullshit about something else i could get, just somewhere i could get that Lux asap. Thanx a lot yo!!
  2. someone Help Me Pleaase Im Jonesin'
  3. Smoke a joint? It's just a fucking bong
  4. im not too sure if these places will have lux's, as i havent been there for a while. but i knwo there are a couple headshops in connecticut, i believe off the 395. im not too sure tho. i know puff and stuff, and cloud 9. i wonder if they're still around tho??

    also theres a place called dragons leyr in leominster ma. again, i dont know if any of these places sell lux's tho. just a few names that you can look into now. goodluck!

  5. Its not just a fucking bong

    its a lux
  6. so in other words, it's just a fucking bong that you have to pay out your ass for.
  7. Actually for what they are, The Lux minis are really cheap.

    And whats with the assholish comment? If you dont like bongs dont buy one, Its as simple as that, But theres no need to come into other peoples threads and riddicule them for there choice of smoking device. if you plan on staying here you better adjust that altitude. This is a peaceful place were people come to discuss there favorite past time, Not be ridiculed by some stranger who has no idea what he's talking about.
  8. If you cant understand why he is anxious then you must have never hit a good bong
  9. luxs are sick bongs and dont let anyone else tell u different. just because some people cant afford them, they start ragging on them. lux minis are not a big expense either. look into local headshops that have a good collection of tubes. if they dont have them in, ask them about ordering one of maybe give them the idea about getting a few in. thats what i would do, they dont have them in online shops...
  10. vibrations or northern lights in enfield, ct...not sure how close it is to providence though

    mapquest says its 1 hr 41 min. I got my lux at vibrations and i know they ordered more, the two stores are like 100ft from each other on enfield st. They have pretty much the same stuff but northern lights has illadelph stuff while vibrations doesnt.

    You could always go to Sugardaddies Boston, its like 45 min from providence, but everything is overpriced because its Boston.
  11. i took a look at dragons leyr a couple days ago. the staff is very hostile, not very knowledgeable and the pieces aren't shit compared to southern NH headlines (haven't been to north conway (headlines has far superior pieces and the staff is very friendly)
  12. Don't tell me about my altitude, I'll fly as high as I want. And that wasn't an assholish comment, I was just playing off what that other guy said with "it's just a fuckin bong". Don't cry though plz, I love bongs too. There was no ridicule, just banter. But I guess I don't know what I'm talking about haha, it seems more like you are the angry one here though.

    Sorry for the ultra thread resurection, I just don't like cry-babies trying to tell me what everything is all about haha. And to the dude buying the Lux, if I had the cash I'd grab one too, jeez there wasn't any harm intended; I know about good bongs. I'm actually looking into a new one as my old shit got smashed. I'm just so broke at the moment I can only window-shop unfortunately.
  13. I've seen trinities on ebay for less than $200 but I'm not sure if it's legit
  14. Its kinda hard to detect sarcasm on a forum, Most people use the smilies or, LOL, jk To convey that they are being sarcastic, So what was i supposed to think, As far as i knew you were being serious, I apologize, I did jump the gun.
  15. nice dudes thanks a lot 4 all your help...been gettin back into the grind, havent had time to check the thread but i really appreciate those who contributed. if i could i puff tuff with all of ya's. for now, im gonna get to calling some of these places. get fuckin stooooonnneddd!

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