look WTF is going on outside my house right now

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by EliteZonger, Jun 3, 2009.

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    and the lightning is so close to my house that the thunder is shaking the walls of my house. I live in the Desert so i was not expecting this when i decided to blaze this morning, i am tripping the fuck out right now
  2. hoooly shit! is that fucking hail? damn man... looks/sounds fuckin scary as shit.
    i'd be buggin out if i was you too. i never seen hail that big before, it doesnt hail at all here.
  3. Ha, that is awesome, I've experienced something of like before. Unfortunetly it put a couple of dents onto the top of my car...:( Ooh I love thunderstorms...:smoking:
  4. that's the first thing i checked on my car was if any dents occured. thankfully my "good" car is in the garage
  5. Take cover!
  6. happened on long island awhile ago was hailing huge balls for an easy 10 minutes. it was so loud u couldnt hear someoneone screaming next to you. the streets were covered
  7. haha hail...wtf...hail is fucked up

    it's as if god is throwing millions of golfballs at you
  8. i'd expect that in NY, but i live in the Desert! lol that's what is tripping me out right now
  9. wow, far out man. Took me a second to realize what was coming down. Stay inside.
  10. u should of packed hail into your bong instea of using ice...that would be sweet
  11. Wow holy hell, I haven't seen hail like that in yearsss

    Time to take cover in the closet with your dog and your :bongin:
  12. happened in toronto a couple weeks ago, it was fucked.
    dented both my cars up good.
  13. Hahaha. :p

    I've never seen hail that big. Put it in your bong bro!
  14. Do you live in Southern California? Because here we have had epic thunder and rain all day.
  15. Yah dude it was crazy. I wish it would snow!
  16. Man I love when theres freak hailstorms in the summer. It's happened a few times by me that I can remember, it's cool shit.
  17. Yeah finally some rain here in LA.

    I love how all of my homies freak the hell out by a little thunder, none of them have been to the east coast and experienced a real thunderstorm like I have.
  18. the ice age is coming...
  19. To the OP, those backgrounds in the picture look extremely similar to the ones I live in. Do you happen to live in San Diego?

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