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look who needs her grass mowed

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by highawatha, Apr 9, 2003.

  1. :D

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  2. for all of you that juuust looked at him... you KNOW he's cute. :p

  3. Cut the grass before you ;oose the dog.LOL

    Cute dog!
  4. Always looks as if he's not having the greatest time. Tell him to smile next time!

    You getting good with that camera!
  5. I love that dog!!!

    Oh wait...grass....yeah, cut that shit! LOL!!!
  6. lol ...damn..grass..cutting..dont remind me :p

    he have some pittbull in em?

  7. thankya, maybe it would help if read some instructions.eeh.
    as for being happy..he's happiest when he's licking himself an i thought id not impose THAt imagae on ya'll
    but....this is the bane of his existance....fatblackcat. beats up my pooch everyday.

    stylez, he's a few things mosly just scardiecat. cant ya see he's a dalmation :D
    an i look the dogwarden right in the eye as i tell them that.
  8. now thats an ugly cat. it showed up years ago and the kids fed him :rolleyes:
  9. tick tock

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  10. That's one "Lucky" dog that a sweet hearted lady would take his ugly ass in. I can't imagine that he would leave big old Alpo land mines in the yard to have to mow over.

    When I had a yard mowing business, I had a client who had a couple of big dogs like Lucky. Her yard was filled with Alpo Land Mines. Where did I come up with the name Alpo Land Mine, you ask? Just hit one of the moist dog turd piles with a riding mower or a commercial weed-eater and watch that thing blow up in your face. Then you'll know where I came up with the land mine analogy.

    Oh yeah, cut that grass, it is making the rest of the neighborhood look bad. :D
  11. Higha...our animal's lives are too similar. My dog looks kind of like yours, as you know, and he also loves licking his puppy jewels. My black cat, Pandora, beats the hell out of his titty-baby ass everyday....Dalmation...UGH! People always asks if Chance has Dalmation in him because he has the spots...he's half boxer, half lab...NO friggen Dalmation!!!

    Poppa...LMAO...Alpo Land Mines!!! Funny...but true! :)
  12. LMAO@BPP

    Here's the newest member to my zoo here, his name is Kilo because when I got him he weighed 2.2 pounds.

    Sorry for the crappy pic and wrong date..I'm just now learning this new cam.

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  13. aaw cute. if i had one of those things it's probably get away and bite my ass at night....
    as for land well ya gotta do what ya gotta do...
    (what do you think i have a ten year old kid for)
    as for the ashamed.....all i can say is it snowed, got warm, and has been raining ever since.
    k, it haaas been raining, but ahh , we all know my huband isa lazy ass,....andcoughisalandscaper when not playing mechanic.
    k last one still playin with my self and new this is happy lucky not licking himself....athough he juust got done :)
    there pokie he look any happier? told ya he was even uglier when he smiled :D

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  14. Higha, does he have an underbite????
  15. yep,...slightly on the underbite.....
    not going to worry bout braces
    we believe pit bull and lab.
    since the idiot we got him from had he's just a big ole sweetie that sleeps bout 18 hours a day. an puts up with lil girls riding on him and pulling his ears
  16. Yeah, he looks a little happier, 'course a good jewel lickin will do that to ya!

    I think it's time to change the kitty's prescribed dose!

  17. i know :D

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