Look what I found...

Discussion in 'Pandora's Box' started by Thrill, May 27, 2009.

  1. Check this out. I go smoke a kush blunt with a few friends...stumbled across this in the bushes. Needs a little cleaning but it'll do.


    Oh, and I bought this HVY about a week ago for $77. Check it!


    Today is a good day...
  2. haha very very nice.
  3. Nice it was planted there as a passing on to a random stoner...
  4. Or it was a bait for the poooolice lol
  5. that's just waaaaaaaay to cool. i hope whoever lost it isn't wrecked over it.
  6. FUCCCCCK thats hardcore.
  7. It was probably some dude that didnt want anyone to find his bong,so he decided to put it in some bushes.When he goes and looks for it,he'll be in for one hell of a surprise,nice find.Cool bongs
  8. Lol leave a dub in its place.

    Fuck yah karma.
  9. Yeah, it was definitely a good day :D
  10. true.
  11. hahahaha normally id say dont steal.... but who leaves a bong lay around outside :confused::smoking:
  12. QFT, if some dumb ass left a bong laying around outside in bushes, it deserves to be taken or bound to be stolen, actually I'd say it was just found not stolen. Other than that, I never steal anything.
  13. i'm sure the bush will be fine.
  14. sucks for the dude who left it there...must keep it there away from parents or sumthing...too bad for him i guess...if i found that i probly wouldnt give it back unless i knew whose it was and i knew them or sumthing...

    lol u shd leave a dub there or sumthing tho like someone else said earlier in a post...would be nice i guess lol
  15. How big is that thing?
    Sweet find!
  16. Nice piece and all but man someone is probably really pissed off right now and you might not want to flaunt it too much. I would just stash it for a little man.
    You should delete your post.:eek:
  17. Yeah, cause Im sure they're hittin up all the internet drug sites lookin for people who took their bong, when they hid it in a BUSH.
  18. fuck, that's where i left my bong! :laughing:
  19. hey, nice find!

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