look what i found lastnight!

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  1. actually i didn't find it...
    a nice oz. of liberty caps...gonna do it for the first time over spring break.

    what do you guys think i should do my first time. i want to do a 1/4, but everyone tells me an 1/8 is enough...

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  2. hmmm..found?

    i always had a nice experience on an eight..imo :) have fun!
  3. i took an 1/8, they weren't very strong though, no open eyed visuals. it was fun though, over spring break i got ahold of a chocolate bar and spent the day triping around in the woods. no open eyed visuals there either, it was not a 1/8 in the chocolate though.
  4. i musta had damn good shrooms cuz me and my buddy split a quarter and we were flipping the fuck out. I had total open-eye visuals and utter distortions of space and time. I'd say 1/8 is the way to go. You can up it later if you are still feeling brave after the eighth...thats my advice.
  5. hahaha 1/4 your first time

    youd shit your pants..


  6. Haha ha ha h... wait, oh yeah. that isn't funny.
    why do you say that? that gives me no information about my question.

  7. Look, let me break it down for you in case you didnt get it before.

    doing 7.5 grams of shrooms your first time is not the best idea

    you said 'everyone says 1/8 is enough'..

    they arent just saying that man.
  8. yeah dude... ur gonna trip NUTS

  9. It all depends did you "find" these mush on the street or in a patch somewhere. If they are dry they are one tenth of the wet weight.

    You should definetly not take more than an eight of dry shrooms your first time

    or yes you will shit your pants.
  10. i did it last tuesday night, when we had the storm of the century in colorado. i ate 3 grams, and was still able to have convo's with random people at parties. it was fun, but wasn't anything intense. i felt pretty fucked up, but i think i'll need at least a 1/4 next time to experience what i want to, but don't know if i'll do them for a long while. just don't have any desire to. did it, and thats it. thanks though. i'm gonna "get rid" of the rest...and no, like i said, i didn't really find them. got them from the same kind of "guy" you would. peace.
  11. my first time i did shrooms i did it with my bestfriend, we bought an 1/8 for $30, we had no clue how much to take or what to expect. we both ate half the 1/8 stright. then we rolled a weed\shroom dust blunt. walked to our smoke spot, smoked the blunt, didnt feel much cept for the cap sitting halfway down my throat. we soon started to walk down brodway near his house. the second we started to cross the street i felt it so hard. i quickly ran acroos the street to be safe. after about 10 min of being fucked up out of my mind. my friends call me, they want me to get them 2 E pills. im like alright. i start driving and all is fine. i feel really high. when we get to the mans house for the pills. im sitting with my foot on the brake. we suddenly start to move down the hill. im like AHH. i couldnt press down the brake cause i was so fucked up. my legs felt like noodles if was hard as hell driving back. it was night time and all i saw was the lights blending together. and i couldnt press the gas or the brake. i made it halfway before i started laughing uncontrolably. i had to pull over. we sat there for at leaste an hour laughting our ass's off looking at a white van sitting under a greenish light... good memories.
  12. don't eat a 1/4, an 1/8 will be more than enough if they're good boomers.

    that is the only advice i'll give you. have fun :tup:
  13. careful with taking a 1/4 ... especially for the first time. I know of a kid who took a 1/4 by himself and ended up hanging himself.

    I would take an 1/8

    I took 2g my first time and got nothing.

    Next time I will try 4g
  14. the thing to remember about shrooms is that its not a linear dosage scheme. 4 grams isnt twice as strong as 2 grams, it could be of infinitly higher intensity, there are just so many factors. There is amount taken, what you have eaten already, your mental state at the time, the quality of the product, even the time of day. Hmm...saying time of day made me want to trip in the daytime...i've only gone at night......hmmmm......

    the more i smoke pot the more i can only express my thoughts in stream-of-consciousness...lol

  15. Yeah I know it's not linear. I want to see open-eye visuals tho. The reason I say that I'll try 4g is because people say 1/8 is pretty good, so i just added .5 g for insurance. who knows, maybe more is in order.

    I just gotta find em.
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