Look at yourself after watching this

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  1. I see a face that's trying hard not to laugh.
  2. i see a face of complete boredom . yeah , i feel sorry for the guy , but no on wants to see that shit .
  3. Lets give that guy a brownie
  4. wow i'm glad i have arms and legs. This guy seems like he'd be fun to drink with.
  5. inspirational to say the least. hes proof its not about what you look like, its about how big your heart is and that has so much bigger of an impact.
  6. I see this face...
  7. wait... what happened after he jumped in the pool!?
  8. he reminds me of the dad from the oblongs
  9. body shots
  10. .....

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  11. Beat me to it.

    Bob oblong.
  12. I wonder how he got on that high of a table?

  13. [​IMG]

    :smoke: :laughing:
  14. Someone should send him a heads up that his daughter is going to have a penis coming out of her head.
  15. This is now an Oblongs thread
  16. "It's so cold I can't feel my hands"

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