look a t. t h i s. B.O.N.G!!!

Discussion in 'Picture Post Archive' started by ghetto_ch1ld, Mar 18, 2004.

  1. hey i saw this picture and thought of you guys pretty sik aye

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  2. that looks phat man i would love to have that
  3. I used to love bongs-once, now I smokem pipe, but wow that pic makes me want to smoke-em bongs again!!!

  4. l hope your cleaning it when we finished ,lol.:D
  5. I've seen that before on kazaa. Is that where you got it from?
    It is a crazy looking bong to hit!
  6. Cool thing is it probably isnt too expensive considering its clear glass

  7. thats what i was thinking... its gonna be awesome until its all junked up with resin and you cant get it clean...
  8. nothing a bit of acid wont fix.......lol....^^^^..........and then a very good rinse.............lol..........Peace out................Sid
  9. SHIT!! that looks fucking sweet man, i bet its expensive as shit th9ohttp://forum.grasscity.com/images/icons/icon9.gif
  10. ROFLAMO i was 2 seconds away from posting that same damn pic LOL.... oh my gosh i cant even believe i came to this post first..... hahahahaha oh well whatever :D

    ill settle for some of this :D now thats one fine Jew :D

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  11. I've made lots of Bongs in my day but, That is theeeee Sweetest bong i've ever seen!!!!

    Where did you get it and how much was it?


    Toke up!
  12. that bong is friggin sweet wish i had it.that would make everyday mean that much more.
  13. wuts that chicks name she is smoking lol Peace
  14. Sara Silverman.... she was in a bunch of movies like School of Rock and uhhh........ and, uhhhhhh........... School of Rock :D
  15. yer that bongs not mine i found that pic on kazaa imagine how rare thay'd be
  16. umm wow like my mouth just dropped about 100000 feet...........where did you get it, i want one
  17. yer man its not mine for like the 40 hundredth time
  18. Sid, use rubbing alchol to clean glass bongs/pipes. you can put salt in tbe piece too to help strip off the resin because it dosent disolve fast in high proof alchohol. Also Its safe on CCG, it wont strip of the gold layer.
  19. nice bong. i wonder how much it costs.
  20. same here damn

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