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  1. Heya guys this is a really helpful forum. Especially with growing, ive learned much by following grows. I play guitar, metal is my passion but i love all music. Play the shit outta some black ops on playstation network (Tag: Smokendro420). OFcourse smoke on the ganja everyday, starting my first grow on the thirde of next month and i feel confident with my research and this great community to help me along the way. A lot of people read shit and move on, i wanted to genuinely thank everyone for putting up all of this information and as i grow and expand in marijuana cultivation i hope i can help people along their way aswell. In lame ass ohio, worst economy in the country. Hopefully make a few bucks with a good hobbie **wink wink**. Me and my girl live together, she's goin to school for nursing and what not. SWIM makes his income off some bombin shrooms, and he is very good at growing them, so if ya need advice on that, he can help you. Feel free to hit me up on anything i can help with guys!

    Keep Tokin! :smoke:

  2. Welcome to GC. Glad to have another blade in the community

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