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Longboarding whilst baked

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by TheAshinKusher, Mar 29, 2012.

  1. Anyone else love doing this lol?
  2. I like bakedboarding whilst long.
  3. It's the best. I love smoking a bowl at night and then skating the hills in my neighborhood by the moonlight

  4. Longboarding by moonlight is the best.

  5. ^ this guy!

    I love longboarding high, the wind feels so freakin good on my eyeballs!

    And night time longboarding is also the shit...
  6. I do this everyday cept i got a cruiser not a long board
  7. This is like the billionth time ive seen this thread.
    But longboarding while high is the shit. I have a sector 9 that even has a spot on the graphic side of the board for rolling joints. :smoke:
  8. The Greatest combination + listening to music also
  9. I'll pull out my vanguard sometime this spring and try it, skateboarding while high is also great.

  10. I have the Tudor as well haha it comes in handy while on the go :smoke:
  11. Biking while high as balls and listening to music is the best combination ever. Try it one day and you'll see.
  12. #13 lacesoutDaniel, Mar 30, 2012
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    [quote name='"Vacancy"']

    I have the Tudor as well haha it comes in handy while on the go :smoke:[/quote]

    Nice! Yeah my Tudor is my favorite cruising board. I'm awful at rolling joints though lol


    I'll never forget buying the board either. I was kinda iffy about spending money on another board and the guy at the shop who showing some boards was like "this board is good for LDP, this ones good for downhill, this one helps you roll joints..." and then we made intense eye contact and I said ring it up. Then I smoked with the guy 15 mins later.
  13. If you longboard then you won't be bored long

    Dervish Flex 2
  14. Ex-fruit booter here.

    Blading and smoking is the best.

    I suck at skateboarding.
  15. love to smoke and ride my longboard, it makes me feel so free. i love the wind, the rush, its just a great experience
  16. every damn day over the summer man haha, wake and bake with my neighbor at like 8 am, longboard for a few hours, then do whatever else we want to do, it's like a daily routine
  17. I used to do this almost every day over summer until my longboard broke. This thread is tempting me to get it fixed so I can ride again.
  18. You can do anything on any psychedelic except alcohol and designer drugs
  19. [quote name='"Lerf"']You can do anything on any psychedelic except alcohol and designer drugs[/quote]

    I think you may have the wrong thread.

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