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  1. I'm selling/trading my skateboard for a longboard/cruiser type board. I have an urge to get high, then go bomb some huge hills, i just think the free wind in my face speeding down a hill feeling will be bomb as hell? yee? thoughts?
  2. you can still bomb hills on a skateboard. thats what I do and ya still get all the benefits of short deck tricking :D

    but if you want a smoother and speedier run long boards are the way to go.
  3. make sure you tighten those do dos speed wobbles can be killer when high trust ive been there
  4. wrong place for the thread man, go to the outdoors forum, we have a huge thread for us longboarders.

    i love longboarding, and right now im pretty bummed cause i cant ride for a week or two. ate it pretty hard on monday and took the skin off down to the muscle on my arm. longboarding is amazing, but id advise investing in some elbow and knee pads, and a helmet if youre hitting bigger or sketchy stuff.
    if ya find the biggest hill ya can and just bomb it, youre asking for trouble
  5. just get bigger wheels and tighten your trucks on your skateboard :smoking:
  6. tighten? that would make it even worse, skateboards are too stiff and short to work very well for hitting hills
  7. fuck yea dude def. go with the long bord i live up in the mtn. so i have hill all day long wat kind u geting i have a secter9
  8. Yo I be cruisin a Sector 9 as well...

    I need to go find this longboarding thread lol...
  9. It's all about the Loaded Ceviche! Perfect for bombing and also casual cruising and lightning fast. Loaded is the way to go.
    [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=l5m8XVv8LEI]YouTube - Please Pass The Salt: Longboarding[/ame]
  10. If you tighten the trucks it will make the skateboard more stable at higher speeds as well as the larger wheels to make it better if you hit a rock or such. If you are interested in not only tricks but bombing hills then I would do that. If all you want is something to bomb hills on then the longboard would work better.
  11. yeah man i been longboarding for some time now and man i love carving down some hills, what me and my friend do is smoke a blunt while we go search for new hills to be carved down then we will hit up thiose hills while we blaze more blunts...man its so fun

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