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Long time smoker with issue

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by ramones4d, Sep 21, 2010.

  1. I've been smoking the reefer for about 2 years now. daily for about 1 1/2 years. It seems like when I toke before bed (usually only happens before bed) I get tired, and want to fall asleep....but I get intense anxiety. I feel like I can barely breath and if I if I start to doze off to sleep my breathing feels even more shallow. Something just feels so terribly wrong..not the feeling i'm used to getting from earth's gift.

    It's been happening on and off for a couple months. I've taken 4-5 day t breaks about twice in the last month or so..doesn't seem to help

    It feels like a "bad high" and I'm sure alot of you have experienced something similar to this, so please share your advice and 2 cents on the situation. I was thinking it was a result of my diet for the day? It happened last night, and I didn't have much to eat the entire day so maybe that's it...?
  2. hmm ive toked for abouut 7 years but only before sleeping for the last 2 and i can say i have experienced this or something similar but only a few times and usually when the dank i buy is a bit suspect i.e. seems sprayed i always assumed that it was merely the chemicals or watever shit was mixed with the herb if you are getting this all the time and your sure that the buds good then i have no idea why this would be happening sorry :confused:
  3. i have been smokin everyday for about ten years now.... and i would say its the weed u got man. sometimes itll take ur breathe away and make ya tired.... try stuff from a diff guy
  4. So stop smoking before bed...
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    Or, you could just be getting too baked. I know when I get really high and lay down in bed, my breathing really, really slows down. It's like I smoked so much, my lungs went off on thier own and got ripped off all the smoke.

    It did freak me out the first few times, though. I came close to a panic attack the first time it happened, and I NEVER freak out about anything. No shit, I was so shook up I went to my mom and totally confessed I was high as shit and freaking out and asked her for one of her Xanax to help me try and cool down. She gave it to me, and I fell asleep fine. Point is, it's probably just cause you smoke too much before you lie down or something lol.
  6. Id reccommend meditating in bed or somethin. deep breaths, focus on your body relaxing, that kinda thing. google some methods, i bet you feel better. i also like to try and imagine the perfect place smokin the perfect blunt =b
  7. These types of threads just make me think along the lines of 'It hurts when I smash my finger with a hammer, what should I do?'.

    If something becomes unpleasant then you stop doing it or you alter how you do it so as to make it pleasurable again. Just seems so simple to me :confused_2:

  8. OSG,

    With all due respect I understand where your coming from, but i'm legitimately looking for a resolution to this. Theres no reason for you to post two responses ridiculing me.

    You say stop smoking before bed? I like smoking before bed ALOT. It's not like this happens to me all the time, it seems to only happen on certain occasions, and I have reason to believe that there might be a physiological response to why I'm feeling like this, and I asked my peers for advice with the expectation that I would gain some knowledge to why this is happening.
  9. I certainly wasn't ridiculing you so there's no need to be defensive about it.

    Nobody can tell you why it's happening. Everyone is different in how they react to the herb.
  10. iam going with stop smoking before bed if that keeps happening or smoke less before bed
  11. how much do you usually smoke before bed?
  12. Hm. My only suggestion really, would be to try breathing excersises before sleeping when you're having this experience. No rudeness intended here, but do you try to rationalize and relax your breathing? Or do you get caught up in the anxiety?
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    It's just paranoia/anxiety, it's normal. Just remember yer high and relax. If it's too serious, stop smoking before bed.

    IMO, it's my favorite thing though. :smoke:

    1. Have you been tested for Sleep Apnea?
    2. Are you overweight?
    3. have you gained significant weight in the last couple of months?
    4. Did you recently have a cold or flu?
    5. Have you been checked for "walking" pneumonia?
    6. What have you done medically to look into this issue?
    7. Do you really think an internet forum is the right place to get a diagnosis?
    8. Are you having pain or tightness in your chest?
    9. Does it happen when you are try to take a nap during the day?
    10. Have you noticed a decline in activity or stamina?
    There are so many reasons this could be happening to you. It could even be your heart. Go to the doctor, tell him what's going on when you try to sleep. Get diagnosed. Get cured.
  14. Thanks for everyone's responses. I'm starting to think that I need to figure out what I'm doing with my marijuana habit. I think this might be happening from smoking too much. Lately, being high just feels "not the same" I smoke too many times in a day, and maybe by nighttime (usually my 3-5th bowl of the day) i just have had too much being high for one day, and the adverse effects of marijuana get the best of me (anxiety)

    Starting to think a t-break is necesarry.
  15. I wouldn't say a t-break, I would say just try cutting down to 1-2 bowls a day. THEN, see if you would like a break.
  16. Smoke less often, enjoy it more.

    Try smoking during weekends only.
  17. I had the SAME problem. I'm not sure how active you are or what you do but as soon as I started eating properly and exercising more, I noticed my anxiety started to go away. Meditation is another thing that helped.
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    I've been smoking for near 40yrs and have had occassional bouts of anxiety to near panic attacks when I've smoked before bed.
    I have been smoking top shelf medical for some time, plus the occasional concentrate and edibles, etc. and still ocassionally struggle with mild anxiety when smoking before bed. Sometimes even waking to a bout.
    Found that strains didn't matter here although indicas tend to induce sleep better than sativas or crosses, which can induce anxiety in some people, but what does help reduce the risk of it happening for me, is I don't go right to bed after I smoke, but allow whatever I'm smoking to "level off" before I try to go to sleep and try to "finish" off with a pure indica...right now I have a top shelf OG that I "finish" off with and will light my last one about 2hrs. before I'm ready for sleep. I'm able to fully enjoy it's full intensity, and go to sleep nicely medicated. Finding a pure indica strain that works the best for you may take some research,but,oh ,how fun.
    I realize this does NOT eliminate the possible occurance of an anxiety bout, but it has helped for me.
    When I do feel a bout coming on, I immediately try to head it off by getting up and walking it off and focusing on the reality of the situation, (which I concede is NOT easily accomplished).
    I've woke to the beginnings of a bout and loaded one, watched an hour of the tube and fell off to sweet blissful sleep. (Worked once, but haven't had the chance to try it since.)

    Obviously, quiting wasn't an option I cared to entertain...and dancing with my girls is about the only thing buzz wize, I do anymore, and we dance every chance we can...everyday, several times a day.
    Hope you find something useful in my rambling that might help.

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