Long time smoker - migraine/headache issues

Discussion in 'General' started by Ziellos, Jan 12, 2013.

  1. I've been smoking for about 7 years now, around a half a month. All weed I buy is TOP quality, always the best from dispensaries shipped over here. The problem is I've NEVER been able to smoke a lot at once. For example I can smoke a few bowls THROUGH the day, but I can't smoke a few bowls or a joint at once without getting a HORRIBLE migraine/headache, it differs, sometimes a migraine, sometimes a headache. I do have some sinus issues, and I doubt it's allergy issues since the weed is always different strains and types each month, but it could be.

    I can't smoke oil from a bong without getting a headache, but I can in a bowl. I haven't tried edibles or vaporizing a lot of weed in a few years so I'm unsure about that, but perhaps let's say I couldn't do those either, then I'd assume it's some kind of chemical imbalance or a neurological issue, otherwise it'd be dehydration, sinus, and allergies perhaps?

    Any insight would be appreciated, I can never smoke a lot with my friends and they always do joint after joint when I can only do 1 hit here and there.. I would have to say my tolerance never really raises too much also.
  2. I was gonna say dehydration. You drinking enough water? How about proper diet, and do you exercise? Exercise can work some wonders with things like this

  3. Usually I drink enough, my diet is essentially vegan with lean chicken and tuna sometimes. I weight lift 4 days a week and jog 7 days a week, so I do have a proper diet with exercise. If it is allergy related, maybe there's something I can do about it?
  4. I hope so man.. I really hope so :bongin:
  5. So do I :) My allergies would be pollen with some trees and grass. I know my brother AND mother can't smoke a lot at once either, so I'm thinking it could be some type of hereditary issues. I'd just like some more opinions and then I'll try some things out, such as allergy shots maybe, and I'm going to buy a new vaporizer to see how I handle that, maybe some edibles. I usually only smoke late in the evening so I'd enjoy being able to blaze to my hearts content in the short periods I do get high =\

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