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  1. Whats good Grasscity?

    Getting my first grow going, and I'm working with a pretty low budget.

    I gotta a pretty cheap 5x5 Grow tent off of ebay
    400w MH/HPS light
    Fox Farm soil
    2 fans for circulation
    No intake/out fans
    Will be tackling Mech's DIY fan from a blower when I scrape up some loot.
    Just some basic 3 part GH nutes for now...again more when I get some $$

    Im doing a Sea of Green....
    27 22oz cups i got 3 for $1 at the 99 cent store is what im using for pots

    Also got a few bigger pots for the mothers I have.

    Strains growing:
    2- Casey Jones Mothers
    27- Casey Jones clones

    2- White Widow clones, I want to save as mothers for next grow. Might end up flowering 1 and saving 1

    4- ChemWowie (Chemdawg X Mowie Wowie) bag seed. Not showing sex yet.... hoping the strongest ones are fems

    Just planted the last of my Rooted clones today, Ill probably let them root in the soil for 7 days before I switch bulbs and go to 12/12

    I will be posting pics soon
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    White Widows [​IMG][/url][/IMG]
  3. [​IMG][/url][/IMG]
  4. /photopost/data/500/thumbs/2828.JPG

  5. Tryn 2 figure out how 2 post sum pics.... any tips?
  6. [​IMG][/url][/IMG]
  7. 1 /photopost/data/500/thumbs/2826.JPG

    2 [​IMG][/url][/IMG]

    3 [​IMG][/url][/IMG]
  8. 1 /photopost/data/500/medium/2826.JPG

    2 [​IMG][/url][/IMG]

    3 [​IMG][/url][/IMG]
  9. 1 /photopost/data/500/medium/2826.JPG

    2 [​IMG][/IMG]

    3 [​IMG][/IMG]
  10. Pic workin?

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  11. Hey, Hey. Nice looking tent bro! Those should turn out to be some nice ladies! Keep us posted!
  12. Heres an update

    today is the start of week 3 @ 12/12, and my ladies are doing beautifully.
    Out of the 27 clones only one didnt make it... Pretty damn good if i do say so myself.

    Decided to flower one of my casey Jones mothers, and keep one for next grow... Also chose to flower one of my White Widows as well.

    Now the bad news... Out of the 4 chemwowies, only one (my girlfriends baby) came out 2 be a lovely lady. Good thing I grabbed a few clones off of her.

    And I got blessed with a mango clone... letting that one be a mother too.

    Heres some pics... enjoy!:smoke:

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  13. THanks boss! Got a hella good deal on the tent too. 5x5x7 off ebay for around $150. None of the local Hydro stores could even come close to matching the price
  14. That is a steal! Things are looking top notch bro!
  15. Happy Halloween GC.... Picture update

    week 4 of 12/12 starts tomorrow

    Pics are

    The tent
    Casey Jones Mama
    White Widow zoom
    Casey jones zoom
    Chem zoom

    Happy smokindayz!

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  16. hey hey hey there...
    i saw ur growin casey jones so i had to stop and say ur doin a good job...im on week 6 and have 1 casey jones plant and 1 white widow as well as many others...i sub'd to watch ur grow...
    this is our first indoor and 2nd grow ever...so good luck with urs..


    The CannabisCouple
  17. UPDATE**

    Week 6 of 12/12 starts monday

    All my casey jones are looking wonderful and smelling delicious.
    My white widow is tiny as can be but doing well
    and my chemwowie is icy. the buds are looking like a blizzard hit it. Unfortunatly she was starting to show some powdery mildew so i had to do a lot of cutting. Weathers no good right now and I dont have the space to take her out, hopefully the mildew wont spread.

    Also had to chop the casey jones mother i had, spider mites came hard and fast. She had to go, couldnt risk SM spreading to my other mothers.

    Just cut some clones the other day getting ready for my next grow

    Next grow will be mostly WW with a few Mangos and a couple of casey jones

    Pictures not posting... Will update soon.

    B ez GC!:smoke:
  18. Your plants look excellent
  19. Looing sweet man. looking forward to the update.
  20. Sorry about the wait, been busy finishing up college. Wish I had some pictures, but unfortunately my cam cord broke. Heres how things turned out.

    Spider mites+ Powdery Mildew=A very upsetting harvest.

    I ended up with about 1/4 of what I should have. :mad:

    and the males I had sexed up everything, so the 1/4 harvest I came out with is completely seeded :cry:

    Yea, that kinda sucked, but oh well. First grow,Im just gonna have to chalk this up to experience. Plus, with all these PM and SM filled buds to use, I'm gonna have me some pretty awesome Hash.\t:smoking:

    Smoke Report:
    Casey Jones: Very trainwrecky flavor. Mostly head high, pretty damn good smoke, Ok to look at.

    White Widow: What can I say about WW that hasnt already been said a million times. I'm just upset I only got about 3 grams off of her.

    Chem Wowie: By far my fav. Smoke is really tasty. Pungent in a very very good way. Really tight solid nugs that came out resiny and super snowy. I got a pretty good harvest off of her. Wish I could post some pics of her.

    I definitely had a learning experience, I think the best part of this grow other than this delicious Chem Wowie I'm smoking on, is looking forward to sprouting this handful of WWxChem Wowie seeds I got and seeing how that turns out.


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