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    Good day all. First of all, thank you to all those who gave advice on this grow, even the snarky stuff... LOL. The harvest, drying, trimming & jarring is done and we ended up getting 12 oz from this, my first (real) grow. It's great stuff and so this will last us a year or more. I read that more than a year is pushing it for normal jar storage, so I wondered what experiences this group has with storing a few ounces in FoodSaver vac-storage bags and maybe even sticking them in the freezer. Thanks from the Bayou!

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  2. I store in jars with 62% moisture packs for up to 2 years. After a year you will lose some of your terpenes. But, you'll still get a very similar high. I store in jars placed inside of a cardboard box taped shut.
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