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long term affects?

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by tokintilchokin, Feb 25, 2002.

  1. High all,

    I've been smoking for a couple years and I've noticed some small changes. I read slower, forget more things, u know, the usual. I know some people in here have been smoking longer and I was just wondering what the really-long-term effects were.

    Any information would be appreciated.
  2. Everyone reacts diff but I know a guy that's been smokin his whole life (he's 50+ now) and he's the smartest business man i know. I notice that I read slower and my vocab shrinks just being outta school for a month or so...if your worried about your smarts getting more dumbinified then i would recomund gettin classes takened to up your brains power.
  3. i have to agree with critter on some of the effects i've noticed. i am sooo much nicer and waaay more kick back than I used to be. I find i have alot more patience than i did say 4 years ago.
  4. I think time out of school has more to do with the stupidification than pot does.

    I'm fairly sure that pot effects your memory and perhaps your IQ. But those effects are gone after a few weeks of abstinence.

    I've been smokin' for about 14 years now, and when I stop I feel quicker to the draw as far as my mind goes. But it isn't enough to keep me from smoking more.

  5. i agree with you all 100% i am so much nicer now that i have started smoking, my friends even noticed it, so i dont really care if there are long term effects cuz it helps me be calm and nicer to people.

  6. The only effect I've noticed is a rapidly increasing tolerance (nothing to boast about - it's just getting bloody expensive!)...

    Obviously there's all the other disadvantages to toking lots... social segregation is a biggie, then there's the health factor.

    And everyone acts a little dopey some of the time... This could be because you've smoked a stupidly large (and I mean larger than the average smoker's intake) amount of skunk and it's become imbedded in your system, but it's most likely you're just tired from having been up all night toking weed, or maybe even stoned;)

    But I've hardly been toking all my life (still plenty to go fingers-crossed) so I'm not the best placed caner to give advice.

  7. im not depressed anymore
  8. I've gotta agree. Although I feel my mind is sharper now that I smoke all the time. My skills get sharper. The only battle is deciding to think. Just kidding! Anyway...when you stop exercising your mind it will get a little weaker, just like with your body.

    Actually the only time I feel the affects like slower reading etc. is when I'm actually stoned. Or burnt. But, for normal everyday, I'm sharper and happier after the long term, and it continues to get better. I thin it has something to do with the fact I'm overall more relaxed. I'm getting wiser with age. I care less and less with what others think of me. So...anyway what I'm trying to say is no...there aren't any long tern bad effects of smoking. You'd be worse off without it.
  9. When I stop smoking for a month after I get a lot of weed and get high everyday for a few weeks I notice my IQ start to go back to normal. I don't stutter, I am faster at solving things, and in general my brain is just quicker.

    So I wouldn't worry about messing yourself up, as stated earlier, you can just stop for a month and you are back to normal.
  10. I don't think that smoking affects me in a neagtive way but in a different way. When blazed, I could give a rat's ass about my normal sober routine BUT am agreeable to try other mental feats than when sober. I started reading the bible the other day while stoned and really enjoyed it, understood it better and comprehended it better than I've ever done while sober. Same goes for art and any type of highly mental project that involves creativity. My design skills are a lot better when stoned rather than sober.
  11. i started smoking 32 years ago at 17. been smoking daily for about 10 years. i haven't had any health problems other than a screwed up back, and that had nothing to do with erb. my biggest problem was dem damn drug test when i was still working. i was a owner-operator and i never knew when the next 1 was coming. plus i swear my back hurts a lot less when i blaze, even though i'm on oxy every day.
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